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5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You During Dry January » Emily Kyle, MS, RDN

Are you participating in Dry January or Sober October this year? What if I told you there’s a secret weapon that can bolster your resolve and help you unlock long-term success? Yes, it’s cannabis, and this plant may just be the answer you’ve been looking for! Here, we will explore the many ways cannabis can support your abstinence from alcohol and promote better health throughout the month.


  • What Dry January is and why it matters
  • 5 ways cannabis can help you during the transition
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Why You Will Love This Guide

Dry January is a popular movement where people from around the world abstain from alcohol for the entire first month of the year.

Last year, members of my Well With Cannabis Community said that it was an excellent experience for detoxing and starting the new year with a clear head and healthier habits. 

Many people join the movement not only to improve their physical health but also for the positive impact it has on their mental well-being. 

Yet, as important as it is to cut back, we all know it can be tough to break the habit of relying on alcohol to socialize and unwind. 

That’s where cannabis can come in as a good alternative. Today, we are going to focus on how switching from alcohol to cannabis can help:

  1. Promote relaxation
  2. Support better sleep
  3. Curb cravings
  4. Enhance the social experience 
  5. Developing new hobbies

My hope is that this guide highlights not just the possibility of the plant but also provides helpful tips and recommendations on how to incorporate cannabis into your dry month, year, or lifestyle. 

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or new to the plant, this guide will provide useful information and insights that will enhance your overall experience.

What is Dry January?

Dry January is a public health campaign that encourages adults to abstain from alcohol for the first month of the New Year. 

The global movement, extending far beyond the United States, is aimed at changing people’s relationship with alcohol by encouraging a month-long period of sobriety. 

As we already know, alcohol consumption, especially when excessive, can lead to a multitude of health issues, including liver disease, cardiovascular problems, and mental health disorders. 

Aside from the health implications, alcohol can also have significant social and economic impacts. It can strain relationships, affect productivity, and can be a significant drain on finances.

Choosing to participate in Dry January offers an opportunity to break the cycle of dependency on alcohol, resulting in a myriad of benefits. 

It allows the body to detoxify from the harmful effects of alcohol, promoting better physical health. 

As a result, participants often report improvements in sleep quality, greater mental clarity, increased energy levels, and even weight loss. 

And for most, abstaining from alcohol for a month can also lead to a reassessment of our personal relationship with alcohol, encouraging healthier drinking habits in the long term. 

Dry January not only offers a chance to reset physically but also provides a platform for us to challenge societal norms around drinking collectively, ultimately fostering a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Cannabis for Harm Reduction

Reducing your alcohol consumption can have many benefits for both physical and mental health. 

However, socially and habitually, it can be extremely challenging to abstain from alcohol, particularly in social situations. 

That’s where cannabis can be a helpful alternative. It can provide that same social experience without many of the negative side effects. 

In fact, cannabis has been shown to have mood-enhancing effects, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. 

This makes cannabis the ideal bridge during the transition from relying on alcohol to something healthier, a concept known as harm reduction.

Harm reduction is a practical, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach aimed at minimizing the negative consequences associated with substance use. 

It recognizes that while absolute abstinence may be the ideal goal for some, it’s not always achievable for everyone. The use of cannabis as an alternative to alcohol is an example of a harm-reduction strategy. 

Alcohol is known to have severe health effects, including immune system depression, liver damage, and a heightened risk of mental health disorders.

However, cannabis, particularly in moderate quantities, presents fewer health risks. 

By substituting alcohol with cannabis, you can alleviate cravings and reduce the overall consumption of alcohol, effectively reducing the harm associated with its use.

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help

Whether you’re looking to curb cravings, foster relaxation, or enhance your social interactions without alcohol, cannabis can be a vital ally during this tough month. 

Below, we will explore these five key strategies to understand how incorporating cannabis can make your Dry January experience more manageable and rewarding.

A picture of a glass of the prepared cannabis Paloma cocktail garnished with a cannabis leaf.

#1 – Promoting Relaxation

For those who regularly consume alcohol but want to cut back, cannabis can offer a relaxing experience without many of the negative side effects.

After a long day, many people reach for a glass of wine or a beer to help them unwind. However, during Dry January, that’s not an option.

Cannabis specifically strains high in CBD, can offer a similar sense of relaxation without alcohol.

It’s a natural way to de-stress and wind down, creating a calming effect that can help you navigate through the challenges of abstaining from alcohol.

Plus, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can help with pain relief, sports injuries, and post-workout stiffness.

#2 – Supporting Better Sleep

Alcohol, despite its sedative effects, can severely disrupt the structure and quality of sleep, leading to insomnia and fragmented sleep cycles.

On the contrary, cannabis, particularly strains high in CBD and terpenes like Myrcene, can help induce sleep and sustain longer periods of deep sleep, essential for restorative rest and overall health.

Simply getting enough quality sleep can provide plenty of health benefits.

If you’re used to having a nightcap before bed, you might find it harder to fall asleep during Dry January. Cannabis can be a great alternative.

Certain strains are known for their sedative effects, helping users fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. 

A picture of a raspberry cannabis mojito.

#3 – Curbing Cravings

Struggling with alcohol cravings during Dry January? Cannabis might be able to help.

Some studies suggest that cannabis can reduce the desire for alcohol, making it a potentially helpful tool for those participating in Dry January.

Another way to substitute your routine alcoholic beverages is to experiment with non-alcoholic cannabis-infused drinks, also known as cannabis cocktails.

These offer a unique twist on traditional cocktails, enabling you to enjoy the ritual of preparing and sipping on a drink socially but without the alcohol.

Cannabis cocktails can be customized for potency and flavor, providing an enjoyable experience that also aids in curbing alcohol cravings.

Furthermore, they can offer a more controlled and measured intake of cannabis, helping to manage any potential overconsumption.

Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently, so it’s essential to start slow and monitor your responses.

#4 – Socializing Without Alcohol

Social events can be a challenge during Dry January, especially when everyone else seems to be drinking.

But who says you need alcohol to have fun?

With cannabis, you can still partake in social activities and enjoy yourself without breaking your Dry January commitment.

Since it doesn’t lead to booze-fueled mistakes, it’s a great way to manage stress after a long day.

Cannabis can be integrated into social situations in a way that promotes camaraderie and enjoyment without the negative effects of alcohol.

Unlike alcohol, which can often lead to impaired judgment and behavior, cannabis allows for a controlled experience that enhances social interactions.

Studies have shown that moderate cannabis use can boost mood, creativity, and conversation, all while maintaining a clear head.

This makes cannabis a more conscientious choice for social situations, especially during Dry January, where the goal is to explore healthier alternatives to alcohol.

#5 – Exploring New Hobbies 

When you’re not hampered by a foggy mind or the unpleasant effects of a hangover, there’s a surprising amount of time and mental space that can be channeled toward personal growth.

Without the fatigue and cognitive sluggishness associated with alcohol, you can discover and immerse yourself in new hobbies or interests with increased focus and enthusiasm.

This newfound clarity can empower you to explore areas you may not have considered before, fostering personal development and enriching your Dry January experience.

Dry January is all about trying new things and breaking old habits.

Cannabis can stimulate creativity and open up a world of new hobbies and interests.

Whether it’s painting, cooking, writing, or just watching movies, cannabis can enhance these experiences and make your Dry January more enjoyable.

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How to Make Cannabis Drinks

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Want to keep it simple? Add a pump to your morning coffee or favorite soft drinks. Remember, the best edible is the one you enjoy!

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This product is a game-changer, especially during Dry January, offering you an easy way to incorporate cannabis into your daily routine and transform any drink into a refreshing, cannabis-infused beverage.

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Embracing a healthier lifestyle during Dry January doesn’t mean you have to give up the simple pleasures of life. 

With Bliss Beverage Booster, you can enjoy your favorite drinks while reaping the benefits of CBD or THC, making your Dry January journey a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Important Considerations

While cannabis use carries potential benefits, it’s crucial to remember that, like alcohol, it’s possible to misuse and abuse.

The goal of incorporating cannabis into your Dry January is to enhance your well-being, not detract from it. Just as you would with alcohol, it’s essential to know your tolerance and to use cannabis responsibly.

Everyone’s tolerance and response to cannabis can vary significantly.

Factors like your body weight, metabolism, and even your mood can influence how cannabis affects you.

That’s why it’s critical to start with low doses and increase slowly, paying close attention to how you feel.

Overindulging in cannabis can lead to uncomfortable experiences, including paranoia, anxiety, or excessive sleepiness.

Another important consideration is to choose strains that provide uplifting effects, such as Sativa or hybrid strains, as opposed to a relaxing Indica strain that will likely leave you in a couch-locked state.

Additionally, finding the right dose that works for you is crucial.

Consuming too much THC can lead to feelings of anxiety or paranoia, which can be counterproductive to your goal.

To ensure your cannabis experience is as beneficial and enjoyable as possible, we provide comprehensive guides to help you get started with cannabis and understand appropriate dosing.

These guides will offer you valuable insights into different strains, consumption methods, and how to calibrate your cannabis use to your specific needs and tolerance level.

Remember, the objective of incorporating cannabis into your Dry January is to support your overall wellness journey – using it responsibly is the key to achieving that goal.

Helpful Resources


In conclusion, cannabis can play a beneficial role in supporting those undertaking Dry January.

It not only assists with improving sleep quality and curbing alcohol cravings but also enhances social experiences without the negative impacts of alcohol.

Moreover, drinking less alcohol a gateway to explore new hobbies, fostering personal growth.

However, responsible use is paramount to ensure its benefits are maximized and its potential negative impacts are minimized.

Understanding your tolerance, choosing the right strains, and following appropriate dosing guidelines are all keys to a positive and beneficial cannabis experience during Dry January.

If you’re ready to embrace cannabis and want to learn more about how to incorporate it into your lifestyle safely, the Cannabis Compass Course is here to help.

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