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A Vegan Stoner’s Guide to New York City

New York’s recreational cannabis market is off and (somewhat) running, immediately catapulting NYC to the top of any stoner’s must-visit list! This ultimate vegan stoner’s guide highlights some of the best restaurants and dishes the city’s flourishing plant-based scene has to offer, the attractions you can check out while you’re in the area, as well as the strains that best complement what you’ll be doing and eating.

Lower East Side

Long known as a hub for immigrants from all over the world — the Lower East Side is filled with the history and diversity that make the city what it is today.

Where To Eat

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai cuisines come together to give you a truly unique experience at LuAnne’s Wild Ginger. Check out their Fried King-Oyster Mushrooms and dip them in the restaurant’s mouth-watering Chile Mango Dip. Looking to try something you can’t get anywhere else? Their Sizzling Soy Cutlet Platter is guaranteed to blow you away!

Orchard Grocer

Vegan stoners shouldn’t have to miss out on New York’s world-famous sandwiches and bagels. The Edith is Orchard Grocer’s take on the classic NYC bagel and lox. The Miles is cheesy goodness on a croissant packed with the shop’s savory homemade seitan bacon.

In addition to its delicious sandwiches and bagels, Orchard Grocer’s also offers a range of vegan sauces, proteins, groceries, soft serve, and much more.

📸 @orchardgrocer on IG

What To Do

Tenement Museum

Restored apartments show the cramped spaces and tough realities many immigrants faced when they first arrived in New York.  Take a guided tour and gain a new perspective on the immigrant experience.


Take a stroll and check out the many shops, restaurants, and family-owned businesses lining the largest Chinatown in America.

Recommended Strain

Durban Poison is a tried-and-true classic that will give you the energy and focus needed to get through a full day on the Lower East Side.

Greenwich Village

A hotbed of youth culture, Greenwich Village’s tree-lined streets are home to historic architecture, bars, and cafes anchored by New York University’s beautiful campus. Take a puff and wander around — you’re bound to run into one of the neighborhood’s many vegan establishments along the way.

Where To Eat if You’re a Vegan Stoner

Delice & Sarrasin

A truly one-of-a-kind experience, Delice & Sarrasin offers traditional French dishes in a cozy, candlelit setting. Try their Coq au Vin for a melody of savory and sweet flavors. Feeling adventurous? Their Foie Gras Vegetal will take you on a flavor adventure you won’t soon forget.

Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon’s Chinese Szechuan plates will leave your tongue burning and your stomach asking for more. Pair their Dan Dan Noodles with some Vegetable Wontons and wash it all down with a delicious Ube mule.

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Jajaja Mexicana

Is there a Mexican dish you’ve been craving but haven’t been able to find vegan? Chances are, Jajaja Mexicana has exactly what you’re looking for. While you can’t go wrong with any of the street tacos on their menu — their Crispy Pescado, and Pollo Coco are both absolute must-tries for any vegan stoner.

What To Do

Washington Square Park

Bring a snack, take a seat, and people-watch at one of New York’s most popular and lively parks. Don’t forget to take a picture of the iconic Washington Arch!

Whitney Museum of American Art

Storing an extensive collection of 20th- and 21st-century art, check out the Whitney’s many paintings, sculptures, prints, videos, and more. Go on the Whitney’s roof for a truly breathtaking view of New York’s skyline.

Recommended Strain

Get into a social, bubbly mood perfect for exploring all that Greenwich Village has to offer with the Runtz strain. The strain’s flavor profile will remind of a berry pastry with a floral finish.


Known for its beautiful Brownstones, this massive neighborhood features a quickly evolving downtown and plenty of green spaces and cozy streets. Here, vegan stoners will be able to sample the foods that are the backbone of American cuisine.

Where To Eat if You’re a Vegan Stoner

Le Petit Monstre

Start your day off with a delicious coffee and pastry at Le Petit Monster. Their wide selection of baked goods features everything from Fruit Danishes to Chocolate Croissants to Savory Quiches!

Screamers Pizzeria

A trip to New York isn’t complete without a proper slice. Reuben and Artichoke are just two of Screamer’s stand-out flavors but you really can’t go wrong with any of their slices.

📸 @screamerspizzeria on IG

Slutty Vegan

An icon of Atlanta’s vegan scene, Slutty Vegan recently made its way over to Brooklyn. This location is perfect for those missing the greasy, juicy, flavor-filled burgers of classic diners and fast-food spots. Check out their One Night Stand burger for a more traditional experience or their Dancehall Queen burger to add a Caribbean twist!

What To Do

New York Transit Museum

Step into an old 1936 subway station and learn all about the history of New York’s famous subways, bridges, tunnels, and buses.

Brooklyn Museum/Botanical Garden/Prospect Park

Spend a day checking out Brooklyn’s beautiful museum — containing over 500,00 objects — the Botanic Gardens filled with plants from all over the state and the massive Prospect Park all within a short walk of each other.

Recommended Strain

Cherry Cheesecake will have you feeling calm, carefree, and a little smiley. This is the perfect strain for a day of laidback museum exploring and walks along Brooklyn’s (comparatively) quieter streets.

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