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Cannabis And Empathy, Marijuana Rescheduling, & WA’s Age Restrictions

A new study shows that marijuana use may make people more empathetic, concerns around cannabis rescheduling arise in the healthcare community, and Washington State is considering raising the cannabis purchase age to 25 for high-THC products.

Here’s the latest in cannabis news you may have missed this week.

Can Cannabis Make You More Understanding?

A new study has revealed that people who use cannabis regularly show a stronger ability to understand and relate to others compassionately. When 85 cannabis users and 51 non-users were compared, cannabis users scored higher on emotional comprehension tests than non-users. Emotional comprehension measures the ability to understand another person’s emotions.

Participants in the study also underwent MRI brain scans, which found that the cannabis users had more activity in the regions associated with empathy and emotional states. This fascinating information demonstrates that people who regularly consume cannabis may develop a higher capacity for empathy.

The cause of this phenomenon, whether it stems from the anxiety-relieving effects of cannabis or another factor, is still up for debate, and more studies will be needed to confirm this theory.

Is Rescheduling Cannabis Better for Health Care?

As the conversation around cannabis rescheduling heats up, people are becoming more concerned about the potential ramifications that may follow. Rescheduling could, overall, be a positive thing; however, some worry that it may turn cannabis into a mass-produced pharmaceutical.

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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Since Schedule III drugs, the new group for marijuana, can be legally prescribed for medical conditions, new regulations could disrupt the existing marijuana industries operated by each state.

Although these concerns are valid, many healthcare professionals are excited about rescheduling. Doing so could potentially make it more accessible to people all over the country with conditions that can benefit from medical cannabis. With new polls reporting that rescheduling cannabis could boost Biden’s approval ratings, it may be happening sooner than we think.

Is Washington State Raising The Cannabis Consumption Age?

Washington State government officials are proposing a new bill that would raise the age to purchase cannabis products with more than 35% THC to 25. Since our brains don’t finish developing until that age, some Republican lawmakers are using this as a push to raise the age.

Others disagree with this notion, believing that cannabis should stay regulated the same way as alcohol. They’ve also expressed concerns that this is going to drive younger cannabis users to the black market, which would open them up to issues like laced weed.

For now, 21-year-olds in Washington can still purchase any cannabis products they like. Hopefully, this will remain the case.

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