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Cannabis Wrapped 2023: A Year in Review

Cannabis is one of those ever-evolving, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it industries where change happens fast. 2023 was no exception. From crucial research studies and major calls for reform, this year brought us a few steps closer to more widespread access to the life-changing potential of cannabis.

Join us as we reflect on the big happenings in cannabis this year – from major reform moves to sleek product releases.

Welcome Wagon: U.S. States that Legalized Cannabis in 2023 

Thanks to the cannabis legislation passed in 2023, more than half of the country now has legal access to cannabis. 

Shout-out to all the states that legalized medical or recreational cannabis in 2023:  

  • Kentucky  – In April of this year, Kentucky became the 38th state to establish a medical cannabis program, though the program does not take effect until Jan 2025. 
  • Delaware –  On April 23, 2023, Delaware became the 22nd state to legalize adult-use cannabis—despite the governor’s opposition. Gov. John Carney (D) passed two bills to legalize cannabis into law without his signature that allows for the sale of recreational cannabis. 
  • Minnesota – Minnesota followed closely behind, legalizing recreational cannabis in June of this year. Sales are expected to begin at state-licensed dispensaries in 2025. 
  • Ohio – Sneaking in just before the end of the year, Ohio became the 24th state to legalize recreational cannabis. Beginning December 2023, Ohio residents can now possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and 15 grams of extracts. 

Honorary Mention: Both Missouri and Maryland’s recreational cannabis programs— originally passed in 2022 — kicked off this year with booming sales. 

Cannabis Sales and Market Projections

The global cannabis market is forecasted to achieve a revenue of USD $51.27 billion in 2023, which is a significant increase in revenue over 2022’s USD $26.86 Billion. 

The market is expected to continue growing at a rate of roughly 15% a year until 2030. With those gains, Veriheal projects the cannabis market to grow to approximately USD $102.90 billion by 2028.

The Biggest Cannabis Stories in 2023 

We published a lot of content in 2023. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

Biggest Reform News:

HHS Recommends Marijuana Be Moved To Schedule III Substance

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)  proposed the reclassification of cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III within the federal legal framework. This major news sparked a lively debate across the country. Rescheduling could potentially reshape the landscape of cannabis legalization in the United States.

Biggest Heart-Warmer:

Medical Cannabis Sales Tax Funds School Lunches for Kids in Arkansas

This year, The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) announced what they’re doing with the revenue from the state’s medical cannabis program. Millions of dollars in cannabis tax funds are now contributing to the provision of school lunches for children — targeting food insecurity across the state.

(One of The) Most Significant History Lesson(s):

Cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ Community: A History of Pioneers

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Veriheal has satisfied millions of patients nationwide by giving them access to these benefits

  • Larger purchase limits
  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced legal protection

  • Access to higher potency strains
  • Save up to 25% on cannabis purchases
  • Skip the line at the dispensary

Cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ Community: A History of Pioneers 

Amidst the AIDS epidemic, LGBTQIA-identifying advocates like Dennis Peron fought for both patients’ rights and access to cannabis. The long, intertwined history between cannabis and LGBTQIA+ activism demonstrates how their community resilience shaped the progress we now all enjoy.

Biggest Stigma-Buster:

Study Reveals Americans Now Find Cannabis Safer Than Nicotine or Alcohol

Data from our Cannabis Statistics reports reveals Americans now find cannabis safer than nicotine or alcohol. This survey data might help chip away at the stigma around cannabis. It may also pave the way for more open-minded conversations and attitudes toward its use. As public perceptions shift, we could see a rise in acceptance and a fresh look at the long-standing stigma attached to cannabis consumption.

Biggest Reminder That There’s Work Left To Do


One Kilogram of Cannabis was The Ultimate Price of This Singaporean Man’s Life

Singapore’s decision to execute Tangaraju Suppiah for cannabis trafficking sheds light on its strict drug laws, sparking international discussions about how the world views drug-related offenses. Despite medical cannabis research progress, Singapore still imposes severe penalties for recreational use. This emphasizes the difference between punishment and healthcare advancements, which prompts broader questions about how society globally perceives these offenses and the need for a more thoughtful approach to drug policies.

Highest State Award:

NYC Becomes the Top Cannabis-Consuming City in the World

This year’s Cannabis Global Price Index indicates that New York is the world’s largest cannabis-consuming city. New York residents consume approximately 62.3 metric tons of marijuana per year.

Veriheal Picks – Our Favorite Cannabis Story of 2023:

Cannabinoid-bathed Worms Want to Binge on High-Calorie Foods

Cannabinoid-Bathed Worms Want to Binge on High-Calorie Foods

Yes, worms get the munchies, too. A team of researchers made this bizarre yet fascinating discovery by soaking worms in cannabinoids. Surprisingly, the worms not only exhibited a preference for junk food, but this discovery also opened up a world of possibilities for research on cannabis’s impact on appetite.

Top Cannabis Queries in 2023 

The diverse world of cannabis can be confusing. Shout out to search engines for connecting cannabis enthusiasts across the globe and answering all of our cannabis questions <3. 

Here are some of the top-searched phrases about cannabis this year. 

  1. “how to make cannabis butter”
    (Hint: Veriheal has a super easy recipe).
  2. “where is cannabis legal”
    With cannabis law constantly changing, it’s a fair question. Check out our guide to cannabis legality in the U.S.
  3. “how to recover from edibles”
    (Tip: if you wake up after eating an edible feeling hungover, drink water, eat a snack, and read our other helpful tips).
  4. “how long does cannabis stay in your system”
    The time for cannabis detox depends on a number of factors unique to each human, so some THC detox methods can help speed along the process.
  5. “how much is an ounce of weed”
    Washington D.C. is the city in the U.S. with the most expensive cannabis, nearing $19.10 per gram

Our Favorite New Cannabis Products 2023

Demand breeds innovation, and the cannabis products that debuted throughout the year are a great reminder of that.

The Best Cannabis Product Release of 2023

Veriheal’s Choice: Stündenglass Modül

stundenglass modul
Photo Courtesy of Stüdenglass

The Stündenglass Modül for Dry Material is a game-changer in the world of gravity infusion technology, introducing direct heating to Stündenglass units. It has a seemingly endless list of amazing features, including a seamless magnetic connection, an intuitive 2.4” display, a Quartz tank, and customizable session times controlled by a single-hand dial. Housed in a durable, lightweight aluminum casing, the Modül features a 6,000mAh rechargeable battery, offering up to 50 sessions per charge with a rapid 2-hour charging time. Plus, the Modül works for both dry material and concentrates. These features make it ideal for all types of cannabis enthusiasts — secure it as our favorite versatile cannabis product release of 2023.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Hash Stash OG Stash Box, aka the stash box with ALL the compartments (that doesn’t compromise on aesthetic).
  2. OOKA Cannabis Hookah, aka the smoothest, most innovative cannabis tool of the year.

Welcome, 2024

From groundbreaking research to landscape-altering policy, 2023 makes us look forward to the strides we’ll make in the new year.

One thing’s for sure: Cannabis is entering a new renaissance period, and we’re just excited to be along for the ride.

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