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Connecticut AG cracks down on unlicensed cannabis gifting event

Connecticut’s attorney general sent a cease-and-desist letter to organizers of an event in Hamden as part of his office’s ongoing crackdown on unlicensed cannabis sellers.

Organizers Joseph Accetulo and Cody Roberts were told to stop holding their weekly cannabis event or Attorney General William Tong’s office “will explore all legal options,” CT Insider reported.

“It appears that these events involve the illegal marketing and sale of cannabis outside of the regulated market and that the events are accessible to individuals under the age of 21,” according to the letter, which also included a list of the statutes allegedly violated by the event.

The event, called HighBazaar, is a “gifting party,” according to CT Insider.

For a $20 ticket, attendees gain entry to buy cannabis accessories or other items and receive marijuana gifts on the side in an attempt to skirt the laws requiring sellers to have a license.

Connecticut outlawed such events in 2022.

The action against HighBazaar is part of a larger effort by Connecticut’s attorney general to end the unlicensed sale of cannabis in the state.

In 2023, Tong’s office sued five stores for allegedly selling delta-8 THC products and sent warning letters to vape sellers last year advising that delta-8 THC sales were illegal.

“To date, the Office of the Attorney General has three pending enforcement actions, and has secured judgments against four additional Connecticut retailers for alleged violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act over the sale of illegal delta-8 THC,” according to the AG’s news release.

“Additional investigations are active and ongoing.”

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