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Delaware To Expand Medical Marijuana Access Ahead Of Adult-Use Legalization

In April 2023, Delaware became the 22nd state to legalize recreational cannabis with the passing of HB 1 and HB 2. Possession of up to an ounce was decriminalized, and plans are underway to open dispensaries statewide. In the meantime, Delaware has been making some serious moves to expand its medical cannabis industry ahead of adult-use sales, which may not begin for another year or more.

One facet of the bill, which was just voted on and approved by the state House of Representatives, seeks to allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for any condition rather than limiting the recommendation to a specific set of ailments. Another new proposal, and an innovative one, would allow patients over 65 years old to self-certify for medicinal marijuana without the recommendation of a physician.

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Other terms of the bill include increasing medical cannabis card limits to 2 or 3 years instead of the standard one-year term and permitting people with out-of-state cards to purchase cannabis. It would also allow patients with terminal illnesses to receive cards with no expiration dates.

The vice chair of the committee, Eric Morrison (D), said, “I do believe that, in terms of medical cannabis, that should be a decision between the doctor and the patient. I can’t imagine who would know what that patient needs and can use and will help them more than the doctor and the patient.” Another Democratic representative, Kyra Hoffner, stated, “These changes will empower patients and their healthcare providers to make decisions about the treatments that best fit their needs and make those treatments more readily accessible for our neighbors with the greatest need.”

Licenses for recreational dispensaries will begin going out in September of this year, so businesses should be opening in 2025. For now, residents can take advantage of the expanding medical cannabis industry within the state to meet all of their marijuana needs.

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