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Finding the Perfect Anxiety-Free Sativa

Just in time for the holidays, the Jet Lag strain brings a smoking experience completely different than what the name suggests.

Jet Lag is an energizing sativa that settles into a creative, silly high. And for an anxious flower-lover like me, this strain was the first step in my journey to finding the perfect cannabis for me.

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A little about my relationship with cannabis: I’ve been smoking for the better part of a decade. Though I love ripping my pen during bathroom breaks (don’t tell my boss), in my deepest heart of hearts, I’m a flower girly with a preference for Sativa strains. I love cannabis that activates my creativity and silliness, and I prefer strains that help me dive into projects and focus on the details. 

One slight obstacle: I’m a pretty anxious person at my baseline. Sometimes I find — particularly with Sativa strains — that cannabis can intensify both the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. And so, I’m on a mission to find the perfect daytime strain that doesn’t send me into a spiral — and doesn’t make me sleepy. 

With this goal in mind, I paid close attention to the strain descriptions at my local dispensary. The Jet Lag strain promised “euphoria,” “creativity,” and “focus,”–all words that sounded, to me, like the opposite of anxiety.

Jet Lag Strain: The Basics

Jet Lag is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s made from a genetic cross between Verano strains G6 and Mag Landrace. This particular batch had 22% THC and 0% CBD

An eighth of Jet Lag flower cost me $41 (though typically, an eighth costs anywhere between $40-60). 

The dominant terpene in this strain is limonene. Alongside some incredible benefits for physical health, this terpene is supposed to help with stress and depression — which, to me, was super promising for my goal. It’s sometimes used to treat medical cannabis patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and even symptoms of cancer

Limonene is also heavily present in citrus peels — which explains Jet Lag’s lemony aroma. Opening the jar, the citrus scent of the flower is accompanied by some diesel notes, making up a classic grungy and grassy overall aura. 

What is Consuming the Jet Lag Strain Like? 

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Burning the flower, the flavor of the Jet Lag strain leans toward the danker side. This isn’t a light, floral cannabis: it’s a gas-forward flavor that emits heavy smoke (sorry, your roommates will know you’re smoking weed). 

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Putting the Jet Lag strain in a dry herb vaporizer brings forward a fuzzier citrus flavor from the limonene. The diesel still comes through, but it’s a much sunnier taste. 

Within ten minutes of smoking Jet Lag, I was experiencing a significant body buzz. I was giggly and euphoric 

With that being said, “Jet Lag” is a misnomer–this strain made me want to have a long silly phone call and walk in a circle. In other words, it made me want to move. 

It did not, however, make me want to focus. My mind was jumping from thought to thought, and my ability to concentrate on one task was minimal. Admittedly, this mind-racing feeling caused some anxiety and frustration, though these feelings were minor and dissipated after a few minutes. 

While this strain’s effects may not be conducive to checking items off a to-do list, it’s perfect for taking on loose, creative projects. It wakes up artistic muscles, encouraging new ideas and the impulse to experiment. 

(Although, I was consistently smoking Jet Lag when I decided to bleach my months-long dyed black hair–so no promises that this strain won’t wake up extreme artistic impulse). 

Will the Jet Lag Strain Make Me Anxious?

Truthfully, the only person who can accurately judge if a strain will make you anxious is you. Cannabis affects everyone in slightly different ways. However, as someone who has a lot of experience with both anxiety and cannabis, Jet Lag caused slight but manageable anxiety which was balanced with a happy, creative energy. 

Did Jet Lag live up to its promises of euphoric and focused creativity? Sort of. While the initial high felt somewhat chaotic, overall, I felt bright and inspired, and I had a lot of fun. 

Overall, Jet Lag is good for small-group socialization or even some good old-fashioned alone time. While it may not have a place in my daily routine, I would recommend this strain for anyone who likes to play outside, giggle with friends, experiment with a recipe, or get high and clean their room. 

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Have you tried the Jet Lag strain? Give me your thoughts on it down in the comments.

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