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Future Brings Monster Kush Strain To Nevada

Future’s cannabis brand, Evol by Future, partnered with Redwood Cultivation to sell its cannabis products in Nevada. Sales started on September 22, 2023, with the release of eightths (3.5g) of pre-packaged high-quality Monster Kush. The rollout of more premium cannabis products is expected in the coming months.

Monster Kush, is an impressive hybrid of mostly Sativa genetics with some indicia sprinkled in. It was made by mixing Colombian, Mexican, and Thai cannabis genetics. Monster Kush also uses G13 Hash Plant genetics for power.

Paul Schloss, the CEO and president of Redwood Cultivation, shared his excitement. He said:

“Millions of people regard Future as one of the most influential artists of this generation. So we’re thrilled to collaborate with Future and Carma HoldCo to introduce his suite of premium EVOL by Future THC products…We can’t wait for Q4 of this year when Future’s top-shelf blunts, pre-rolls, and concentrates will be available here in Las Vegas.”

About Carma HoldCo

Carma HoldCo is the global branding and licensing company behind the two-time GRAMMY winner’s cannabis brand. Evol by Future’s line of CBD, THC, and Delta 8/9 products successfully launched in California in May 2023. The next step was to strategically expand Evol’s market in Nevada. Carma HoldCo previously helped launch other celebrity cannabis brands like Immortal by Hulk Hogan, Tyson 2.0, and Rick Flair Drip. Their product distribution spans across 17 countries and 40 states, with about 75,000 retailers worldwide.

Adam Wilks, the CEO of Carma HoldCo., had this to say about their partnership with Future:

“Future’s influence is second to none. Evol by Future will resonate with millions of cannabis enthusiasts as his music has millions of listeners, and we can’t wait to share Future’s exceptional strains in Nevada with Redwood Cultivation.”

Chad Bronstein, the President and Chairman of Carma HoldCo, also said:

“Future is one of this generation’s most prolific, influential artists. His drive, creativity, and vision, in partnership with Carma HoldCo, will create experiences that will inspire consumers and further establish us as the new global leader in branding and licensing.”

Bronstein spoke further about the challenges of celebrity-endorsed weed brands saying: 

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“Consumers are smart. They know when someone as hardworking, consistent, influential, and selective as Future puts his name on something, it will deliver. And that’s exciting for everyone, his fans, our customers, and the industry at large.”

The Redwood Cultivation Story

Redwood Cultivation is a 20,000 sq. ft Nevada-licensed cannabis cultivation facility. Redwood has cultivated 15 – 20 cannabis strains to date and plans to develop new ones. Harry Ritoff and Cherry Developmemt established the factory in 2014. 

Redwood’s facility features drip irrigation, HVAC, a Co2 system, lighting, and a fully automated fertilization system. It distributes its marijuana products under the Redwood brand. In 2016, renowned singer-songwriter Willie Nelson chose the company to distribute his company’s cannabis products. Additionally, Redwood once partnered with Cheech Marin’s cannabis company.

Looking at Redwood Cultivation’s past commitment, the future is bright for Evol. Before its partnership with Future, the facility had dropped strains like Chem Sorbet (GMO x Sherbcrasher) and Scoops (Gelato x Cookies & Cream x Tina). 

About Future

Future is a two-time Grammy award-winning singer known for his unique vocals and genre-bending skills. With over 12 years in the music industry, his songs have over 30 billion streams. He has over nine studio albums, 117 singles, 24 mixtapes over 95 million RIAA-certified units sold —  one of the highest figures recorded in 65 years.

Future explained the idea behind his strategic partnership with Carma HoldCo saying:

“As an artist, I strive to enlighten the world with different perspectives and experiences, whether through my lyrics, live performances, or other creative endeavors. With Carma HoldCo, I can apply that creativity to build a new cannabis lifestyle brand that resonates within my community and delivers a high-quality product to my fans and a much wider audience.”

Future also discussed his overall plan to expand Evol. “Evol was about timing,” he told High Times last April. “I’ve had offers before. But this is different. Evol is about longevity, consistency, hard work, and having a quality product to share with the culture. And it’s got to feel natural. And I’m having fun with it too. And it’s a blessing to be here.”

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