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How Cannabis Can Support a Keto & Low-Carb Lifestyle » Emily Kyle, RD

Are you looking to use all-natural remedies to complement your low-carb lifestyle? Cannabis can be a helpful addition to your routine, providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, and increasing motivation. Plus, with options for keto-friendly edibles like my Bliss Cannabutter and Bliss Cooking Oil, incorporating the benefits of cannabis into your diet has never been easier!


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How to Make Keto-Friendly Edibles

It’s no secret that there are misconceptions about cannabis use, and one of the most unfortunate ones is that it leads to unhealthy behaviors. 

In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I have seen firsthand how cannabis can support a low-carb or keto lifestyle. 

This plant can play a pivotal role in supporting healthy behaviors through pain and anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and increased motivation. 

Plus, it’s never been easier to make your own keto edibles at home with my Bliss Cannabutter and Bliss Cooking Oil. 

In this guide, I will show you how cannabis and low-carb lifestyles can work together in harmony to help you create an incredible lifestyle you love. 

A picture of a keto friendly meal.

What is a Low-Carb Lifestyle?

A healthy, low-carb lifestyle has many potential benefits, whether you’re truly in a metabolic state of ketosis or not. 

Members of my Well With Cannabis Community report the following benefits of keto and low-carb diets for better health:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Motivation for physical activity to build muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat, fat loss, improved body weight 
  • Stabilized blood sugar 
  • Improved insulin sensitivity 
  • Reduced insulin resistance
  • Support for the immune system and improve immune response
  • Reduced chronic inflammation 
  • Reduced symptoms associated with chronic diseases
  • Reduced number of medications taken
  • Get off prescription medications completely
  • Manage Dravet syndrome or epilepsy symptoms

A healthy, low-carb diet will look different for everyone.

Many options can be considered a low-carb lifestyle, from the standard Keto diet to the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet to the Vegan-Keto diet.

From the daily allotted grams of carbs to a high vs. moderate protein diet, exploring different types of diets is about finding what works best for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. 

A picture of a keto friendly meal.

How Cannabis Helps

From the expected pain relief to the unexpected boost in creativity, here are all of the ways cannabis can help support a healthy, low-carb lifestyle.

Easy Fat Consumption

Consuming a high-fat diet is the cornerstone of following a ketogenic diet, and the best way to add fat to the diet is by consuming fats like butter or oil as the primary source of energy. 

Thankfully, many THC and CBD products are made with a wide range of options, like MCT or olive oil, which are nearly 100% fat. 

Cannabis and fat are indeed a perfect match, as cannabinoids bond to fat molecules for better absorption and bioavailability in the body.

My Bliss Cooking Oil is made with MCT oil, or medium-chain triglycerides, an excellent option for turning almost any recipe into an infused recipe. 

Ease The Keto Flu

When starting a keto or high-fat/low-carb diet, there can be short-term drawbacks, such as the keto flu, bad breath, brain fog, carb cravings, and more. 

Thankfully, using cannabis is a great way to manage some of these symptoms. 

The benefits of CBD oil may help ease irritability and fatigue, while THC oil or CBN oil may help promote better sleep. 

Provide Pain Relief

Many people experience joint pain and other discomfort, which leads them to try the keto diet in the first place. 

Cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain and inflammation in the body1.

Cannabis and a low-carb lifestyle can work together to alleviate pain and promote a better quality of life.

Reduce Inflammation

CBD and THC are two of the most well-known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Both have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to manage pain and anxiety. 

The best way to reap the benefit of both of these cannabinoids is to use a full-spectrum CBD oil.

By utilizing cannabis, inflammation can be reduced, and pain can be managed – allowing for a more comfortable and productive day.

Bring Balance

Our bodies contain an endocannabinoid system which is directly responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. 

The good news?

Even just a little bit of cannabis can help activate your endocannabinoid system and help you find balance and joy in your daily routine. 

Increase Motivation

Another great benefit of using cannabis with a low-carb lifestyle is the increased motivation it can provide. 

Many people struggle with finding the energy to stick to a low-carb diet, which can often lead to feelings of failure and discouragement. 

Cannabis can be a motivating factor in staying on track – just ask the guest on my podcast.

The right strain of cannabis can provide a boost in energy and increase focus, which is ideal for those who find it challenging to stick to their plans.

Suppress Appetite

One of the biggest challenges of the keto diet is controlling your appetite. 

Anecdotally, some strains of cannabis have been claimed to suppress appetite, which can make it easier to stick to your meal plan and avoid snacking.

This is the opposite of most people’s belief that cannabis can cause uncontrollable eating. 

Thankfully, we have some great ways to manage the munchies here. 

Improved Sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for weight loss and maintaining overall health.

Cannabis has been shown to improve sleep quality, which can help you feel more rested and energized during the day2.

One of the best ways to reap the benefits of cannabis for sleep is to explore using CBN oil or CBN gummies.

Cannabinol, nicknamed the sleep cannabinoid, has been reported to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Enhance Enjoyment

Apart from that, cannabis can also aid in enabling creativity and broadening one’s perspective.

For people who have been relying on high carb levels, cannabis can work wonders to break those habits and decrease the cravings for such foods. 

That, in turn, can lead to trying new things, expanding their recipe repertoire, and enjoying new foods while making healthy choices. 

Outside of the kitchen, many people have reported that cannabis fuels their desire and enjoyment of exercise.

By providing an alternative outlet for individuals to be creative and inspired, cannabis can be a valuable asset towards your low-carb journey.

Enhance Mindfulness

When it comes to low-carb diets, it is important to keep track of your progress to ensure you are on the right track.

By using cannabis, you can incorporate it into a mindful eating routine, where you are fully immersed in the present moment and can make more conscious choices. 

Just ask our friend Rose, a fantastic woman who was able to adopt mindfulness into her routine, which led her to lose 20 pounds.

This can lead to a better overall dietary experience and a more fulfilling low-carb lifestyle.

Ease Stress

Stress can undermine your weight loss efforts by increasing cortisol levels and causing overeating. 

Cannabis can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can make it easier to stay on track with your diet and lifestyle goals.

Pairing cannabis with other herbs is also a great way to reap the benefits of plant-based alternatives.

Increase Creativity

Following a restricted diet like keto can get boring after a while.

Cannabis can enhance creativity and make cooking more fun and enjoyable. 

You may be inspired to try new recipes or experiment with different flavors and ingredients, keeping your diet varied and interesting.

From cannabis-infused fish to low-carb raspberry chocolate pudding, I have a ton of low-carb and sugar-free edible recipes for you to experiment with.

A picture of a keto friendly meal.

Keto-Friendly Cannabis Products

Finding the perfect edible options can be challenging if you’re following a low-carb diet.

Fortunately, with Bliss Cannabutter and Bliss Cooking Oil, you won’t have to sacrifice flavor or convenience for your dietary preferences.

Both of these products are low carb, versatile, delicious, and perfectly dosed at 12.5mg of THC per teaspoon, making them ideal for adding a little extra kick to your meals without compromising your health goals.

Whether you’re baking, sautéing, or simply looking to add a little extra flavor to your favorite foods, Bliss Cannabutter and Bliss Cooking Oil are the perfect additions to your kitchen arsenal.

And because they’re both low carb, you can enjoy them guilt-free, knowing that you’re supporting your health goals while still indulging in your favorite foods.

Best of all, with Bliss Cannabutter and Bliss Cooking Oil, you can easily create your own recipes and experiment with different flavor combinations to find the perfect edibles for your tastes.

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of Bliss Balls or adding a little THC to your morning coffee, these versatile products give you the flexibility and creative freedom to take your edibles to the next level.

So why wait? Start cooking with Bliss Cannabutter and Bliss Cooking Oil today and discover a new world of delicious, low-carb edible options.

A picture of Emily Kyles Bliss Cannabutter for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to add cannabis without the fat or calories?

Yes! You can learn how to use just ground buds in your edibles here. This is an excellent fat-free, low-calorie option. Just don’t forget to decarb if you want the activated benefits of CBD and THC.

Do I have to give up my CBD gummies?

This depends on your personal goals. Some people can easily fit the 4 grams of sugar from a CBD gummy into their daily budget, while other people prefer to stick with options that only include healthy fats, like cannabutter and oil. 

Are CBD tinctures low-carb?

If they are made with a carrier oil, like MCT oil, and do not have any other added ingredients, then yes, it is safe to say they are likely low carb. You can use them to make fat bombs or simply swallow them. 

Are there potential side effects?

Yes, there can be potential side effects of both using cannabis and/or following a low-carb diet. It is a good idea to get your dieitian’s advice before getting started. 

  • Choose a product to start with first. Whether it be Bliss Cannabutter, Cooking Oil, or your own homemade product. Be sure to know the dose per serving for accuracy.

  • Start by experimenting with very small doses once per day. If you do not know your tolerance level yet, remember the golden rule: start low and go slow. Be sure to record your dose, timing, and reaction.

  • You can add your cannabis product directly to your food with one of these fantastic healthy cannabis recipes.
  • Feeling great? Awesome, keep doing what you’re doing! Not finding relief yet? Continue to increase your dose by 1-5mg every few days until you find your sweet spot.

  • Assess how you feel. Feel good? That’s your minimum effective dose (MED).

  • Don’t feel what you’re looking for? Increase by 1-2mg the next day. But don’t double-dose on the same day; it requires time and patience.

  • Continue experimenting with different dosages and ratios of CBD:THC until you find what works for you.

  • Don’t forget the way you use cannabis can impact your results. If you’re not happy with your experience, consider trying an alternative way to use it or using a different strain.


In conclusion, using cannabis to support a low-carb lifestyle can be beneficial for many reasons.

From managing pain and anxiety to increasing motivation and creativity, cannabis can help individuals achieve their goals.

Instead of listening to the misconceptions around cannabis, it’s essential to look at the facts and see how it can aid in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’re following a general low-carb diet or taking the plunge into keto, cannabis can be an excellent supplement to help you reach your full potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s embrace a healthier lifestyle with the help of cannabis!

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