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Is There a Future for Cannabis Cat Cafés?

Cannabis cafes and cat cafes have existed for years now, completely independent of each other. A new cat-themed dispensary, however, has enticed many cat/cannabis lovers with the possibility of one day visiting a cannabis cat cafe. Can this feline dream really become a reality? To answer that, we first need to look at how Portland, Maine’s newest cat-themed dispensary became a reality.

Meowy Jane is the new cat-themed dispensary tailor-made to capture the hearts of cat-loving cannabis enthusiasts. The boutique dispensary offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the love of cats and the benefits of cannabis.

The idea for this shop started when co-owner Joe Albert, bored with his job as an accountant, decided to work on cultivating his favorite plant. His wife Noelle, coming off completing her psychology degree, decided to join in on her husband’s endeavor. Shortly after, the pair opened their cat-themed dispensary, Meowy Jane. The shop was built on the philosophy that, “Cats are awesome, cannabis is awesome, be kind, always.”

While the establishment does not house any real cats, visitors are nonetheless welcome to pet plush cat dolls arranged throughout the shop’s lounge area. Some of the plush cats may even meow at you! Amidst the lounge’s modern aesthetic and cat-themed elements, one cannot help but wonder if cats and cannabis could one day coexist in one location.

Could this fantasy someday be a reality? With the ongoing efforts to bring cannabis café to California and the establishment of popular cat cafés throughout major cities — this dream may not be as out of reach as it may seem.

What Is a Cannabis Café?

In Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops, visitors can purchase and consume more than just coffee. That’s right, these coffee shops also offer a wide selection of smokeable and edible cannabis products, which can be consumed onsite. This is different from American dispensaries, where customers have to leave the premises after purchasing their cannabis products. However, the cannabis café experience may soon be coming to the US with California’s AB 374 working its way through the approval process.

AB 374 allows local California governments to license Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes. Currently, it is illegal for cannabis establishments to provide non-cannabis food and drink for sale. AB374 would change that making American cannabis shops more suitable for socilization. That’s right, we may be heading toward a future where cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy coffee, food, and live music along with cannabis products in a lively social environment.

Update: Earlier this month, California Governor Gavin Newsome vetoed the bill to legalize Amsterdam-style cannabis cafés in the Golden State. Still, the dream of cannabis cat cafés is not entirely dead.

What Is A Cat Café?

Cat cafés are coffee shops where visitors can order a beverage or a snack and mingle with the establishment’s resident felines. The world’s first cat café, Cat Flower Garden, was opened in Taiwan in 1998. Since then, cat cafés have become a trend that has spread worldwide. Today, you can find them in Korea, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Germany, France, the U.S., and the U.K.

Cat cafés don’t just provide good fun for humans either. They also give abandoned or homeless cats the opportunity to find their new best friend. Many cat cafés focus on adoption and raising awareness for cat welfare issues, especially in North America.

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The Future Of Cannabis Cat Cafes

So, could there someday be a cannabis cat café? At first, the idea seems absurd, but after examining the systems behind cannabis cafes and cat cafes, there is definitely some hope. To start, it would be unethical to expose cats to a room full of cannabis smoke. As such, a cannabis cat café could perhaps operate with an edible-only menu so guests can enjoy cannabis edibles or a CBD latte while hanging out with cats. Alternatively, a separate room could house the cats, and smokers could take breaks to visit them.

Many cat cafés already operate with two separate areas, one space for the cats and one space for food service. The same setup could easily work for cannabis cat cafés. Customers could buy and consume the establishment’s cannabis products in a social lounge area with a window looking into an adjoining cat area.

(The Cannaisseur – Cannabis Cat-Café in Phuket, Thailand)

Whether or not there is a future for cannabis cat cafés, for now, at least we have Meowy Jane. The shop, with its dedication to high-quality cannabis products and an endearing cozy cat lounge, is a must-visit for both Portland locals and visitors. While the concept of a cannabis cat café may remain a fantasy, it’s not entirely impossible to envision a future where you can adopt your next furry friend from an innovative Amsterdam-style coffeehouse.

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