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Kush Cups Review: Exploring Cannabis-Infused Coffee

Kush Cups has created a line of expertly roasted coffee infused with high-grade cannabis. I recently got the opportunity to try their “Los Santos” coffee in a medium roast. This cannabis-infused coffee was smooth and powerful and absolutely blew me away. 

Kush Cups At First Glance

Kush Cups products are sleek and unassuming. The packaging resembles something you’d find in a chic boutique coffee shop or a high-end health store.

Kush Cups’ use top-quality coffee beans sourced directly from coffee farms in places like Mexico and Rwanda. The Kush Cup I had the opportunity to try was grown in Guatemala. Its use of washed coffee beans and a lighter roast makes for reduced acidity and a well-rounded flavor.

Impressively, though Kush Cups are infused with THC, there were no plant-like aromas seeping out from the bag, even after breaking the seal. The beans themselves had bright notes of citrus, bittersweet chocolate, and mild black licorice.

The package has clear serving size recommendations of two tablespoons of ground coffee for a 5 mg cup of brew. This amount gave me a morning lift without going overboard and distracting me from my day. 

Cannabis-Infused Coffee: The Experience

I used my French press to prepare my first steaming cup. As the hot water seeped into the grounds, I was greeted with the smell of creamy hazelnut, bitter lime, and fresh earthiness. While I usually add a little almond milk to my caffeine fix, I wanted to absorb the full flavor of my first Kush Cups coffee, and I was happy I did. The flavor is nutty like freshly roasted almonds, with a touch of molasses, sweet cocoa, and a mild acidity on the back end. I savored the notes of mellow clove, brown sugar, and an ever so slightly detectable level of toasted maltiness. Surprisingly there was absolutely no taste of cannabis.

The effects were as smooth as the flavor, and I noticed a sense of ease filtering in about halfway through my first cup, which took about 30 minutes. I felt relaxed and focused at the same time, adding to my productivity and giving me the energy to get through my day.


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Final Thoughts

Kush Cups are a high-caliber cannabis beverage for new and experienced cannabis consumers to enjoy. Their variety of roasts and upcoming hot cocoa mix allows coffee and non-coffee drinkers to enjoy a hot cup of cannabis goodness.

Kush Cups make a great gift or addition to brunch with friends, especially if you’re looking for a pick-me-up with a little extra lift. Unfortunately, this product is currently only available in California.

Have you had a chance to try Kush Cups? Let us know how your experience went in the comments!

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