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MA Cannabis Cafes, CA’s Psychedelic Future, & Seniors Want Cannabis

Massachusetts brings its cannabis industry into the future, California enters a new era of healing with psychedelics bill, and Walnut Creek seniors want cannabis.

Let’s dive into this week’s canna-news.

Cannabis Cafes Headline Mass. Industry Changes

Massachusetts is making massive regulatory changes to its cannabis industry. The changes are aimed at increasing diversity and streamlining oversight. The most notable change is one that allows for the creation of social consumption sites.

Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission (MCCC) unanimously approved draft regulations creating a registration process for social consumption sites. The new regulations allow any city or town in the state to opt-in to hosting these establishments. Unfortunately, this decision has not been a hit with everyone. The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, for one, voiced concerns over how the decision will impact cannabis impairment while driving.

Another key change made by the MCCC removes a mandate blocking individuals with criminal charges from working in the cannabis industry. By removing this barrier, the MCCC hopes to ease the transition from the illicit market to the legal market. Further, the move opens up the hiring pool to talented and experienced workers from the legacy market.

What do you think of the MCCC’s recent industry changes? Let us know in the comments!

SB58 Paves the Way for California’s Psychedelic Future

California is inching ever closer to making psychedelic history. The California state Senate recently gave final approval to Senate Bill 58 (SB58), the psychedelic legalization bill. The bill now has both State Senate and Assembly approval — awaiting final approval from Governor Gavin Newsome.

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If signed, SB 58 would legalize the personal possession, cultivation, and use of psychedelics like DMT, peyote, and magic mushrooms for adults 21 and up. The bill sets possession limits at four grams for mescaline, and one gram for DMT and mushrooms.

SB 58 would also establish a group within the California Health and Human Services Agency to study psychedelics. The group will be tasked with assessing the safety and efficiency of using psychedelics to treat mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, and addiction. After that, the group will recommend a regulatory framework for the therapeutic. This framework will include guidance on how should be produced, and distributed.

Walnut Creek Seniors: City Council Face-Off Over Cannabis

Walnut Creek seniors are fighting to get cannabis in their city. The California city of 70,000 residents — a significant amount of which are seniors — has banned legal cannabis storefronts.

City residents voted to legalize cannabis back in 2016. Unfortunately, the Walnut Creek City Council made it their mission to prevent the city’s citizens from getting what they voted for. The council’s reluctance to advance retail cannabis legislation comes despite recommendations from local planning commissioners who see the immense potential for new tax revenue.

This has created an issue for people like the 76-year-old Mike Kuller, who relies on cannabis for his age-related aches and pains. Without any cannabis shops nearby, Walnut Creek residents have resorted to traveling long distances or paying for expensive online orders to get their medicine.

Supporters of cannabis storefronts say that seniors, in particular, stand to benefit from having a local dispensary. In these locations, seniors can get guidance on cannabis usage, and how to best reduce the risk of adverse side effects.

What do you think about Walnut Creek’s fight for cannabis storefronts? Let us know in the comments!

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