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Medicinal And Industrial Cannabis Use Legalized In Ghana

The African country of Ghana has recently passed legislation that will allow for the cultivation of marijuana under specific guidelines.

In doing so, it has joined other African countries like Zimbabwe and Uganda in legalizing cannabis use for medicinal and industrial purposes. Although growing and consuming cannabis is still illegal in many places in Africa, this progressive movement marks the continuing changing of the tides throughout the world.

Understanding the New Laws in Ghana

As countries like Canada, Thailand, Mexico, and South Africa have begun legalizing cannabis, they have also begun pulling in impressive revenue numbers in sales and production. This money has benefitted citizens by improving roads, funding public education, and more. There have also been non-monetary benefits like reducing stigmas and improving harm-reduction education.

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Ghana is aligning with this movement by introducing licensing for cannabis-related activities including growing, distribution, processing, and sales. The prohibition of recreational cannabis use still exists, but successful implementation of the new regulations may eventually lead to a change in this status.

On December 14, the authorities passed a new law akin to the hemp laws in the United States. As such, only cannabis or hemp products with less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by dry weight will be authorized for distribution. While this is a fairly low amount of THC, it still has positive applications for medicinal use.

This move could also have incredible benefits for Ghana’s economy. Since cannabis plants can grow and thrive in every party of the country, there is potential for a legal cannabis market to create jobs, improve healthcare, and inspire other African countries to adopt similar policies.

Africa houses approximately one-third of the world’s cannabis consumers, making it unclear exactly how much money the new bills will generate. It may also take some time for the licensing process to begin. Fortunately, this news marks the start of a new journey for Ghana and places it at the forefront of the growing worldwide cannabis revolution.

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