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Merging Nutrition Expertise with Plant-Based Healing » Emily Kyle, RD

Are you a Registered Dietitian interested in learning more about the unique role you can play in cannabis education and healthcare? Did you know our extensive knowledge, connection to food, and ability to simplify complex information make us the ideal candidates for championing cannabis wellness? Learn more about the exciting opportunities for RDs in this rapidly evolving field and discover how you may also find increased income, better work-life balance, and greater work satisfaction as well. 


  • Why RDs are the ideal health professionals to work in cannabis
  • Why making the leap could improve your quality of life
  • How to get started working in the cannabis industry today 

Why You Will Love This Guide

As the world continues to embrace the potential benefits of cannabis in healthcare, there’s a growing need for qualified professionals to educate the public on its safe and effective use. 

For the past four years, I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops: Registered Dietitians (RDs) are uniquely positioned to fill this gap, thanks to our extensive education, training, and connection to food. 

After taking the leap into cannabis work full-time, I have had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of other healthcare professionals and sell them on this unique position we find ourselves in. 

If you have always been into holistic modalities, the natural side of things, if you have been impacted by or feel called to cannabis in any way – this guide is for you.

Here we will explore why RDs are the best healthcare providers to teach the world about cannabis and why taking the leap into cannabis may just help your career, bottom line, and overall work satisfaction.

A picture of veggies being cut by cannabis dietitian Emily Kyle.

Why Dietitians Belong in Cannabis

After speaking at numerous state conferences about why dietitians are the perfect profession to work in cannabis, I am excited to share this with you, too. 

There are so many reasons why dietitians belong in the cannabis space. 

We possess the ideal combination of skills and expertise to educate people about the cannabis plant, thanks to our extensive education in nutrition and health. 

Below we will explore the main reasons why dietitians are uniquely suited to create and fill jobs in the cannabis industry. 

Education and Training

From a bachelor’s degree to a dietetic internship requiring 1200 practice hours in clinical settings to an eventual master’s degree, it takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

And while the journey was difficult, these rigorous education and training programs equipped us with a deep understanding of nutrition, health, and wellness.

This knowledge enables us to provide evidence-based recommendations on various aspects of diet and lifestyle, including the use of cannabis.

As a food and herbal medicine, the cannabis plant absolutely falls within the scope of practice for an RD. 

While the use of medical cannabis may be best left with a different practitioner, recreational and personal use is fair game. 

With additional education in the form of certificate programs and continuing education, a registered dietitian has the best perspective on how to use cannabis in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle to achieve optimal health. 

Furthermore, we are trained to stay updated on the latest research findings, ensuring that we provide accurate and up-to-date information on cannabis to our clients.  This is perfect for the fast-paced and ever-changing cannabis world. 

A Unique Connection to Food 

Cannabis can be consumed in various forms, and one of the most popular methods is consuming cannabis edibles – which can be considered a whole different animal in its own right. 

More and more people are experimenting with edibles on their own, trying various food products, and having trouble finding the best consumption methods.

A registered dietitian is a perfect person to understand the digestive process, how cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver, the potency of the edibles, and the experience that will result from these factors. 

This expertise not only helps our clients safely incorporate cannabis into their diets but also ensures that they enjoy the experience while reaping the most therapeutic benefits.

Our unique connection to food and food preparation sets RDs apart from other healthcare professionals, which allows us to create healthy and delicious cannabis-infused recipes tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Farm-To-Table Perspective

From our time spent in the culinary lab in college, to our food service rotation in a large facility, to the fun farm-to-table trips for continuing education, we are immersed in the world of food with a unique perspective.

We have a special understanding of how food is grown and produced for mass consumption, which is why it is time we have the same understanding of how a cannabis plant is grown and produced for consumption. 

After all, cannabis is just a plant. A plant that can be grown in the ground. A plant that can be harvested for its leaves, juiced, and used in a smoothie like a dark green leafy vegetable.

For us as dietitians, it’s not much different than talking to a client about the importance of adding more dark green leafy vegetables into the diet or a culinary nutritionist showing a client how to prepare cannabis juice at home. 

And if you are one of the incredible farm-to-table RDs who show others how food is grown on the farm, you have a unique perspective to add if you’ve also watched a cannabis plant grow on the farm.

Communicate Scientific Information

One of the challenges in educating the public about cannabis is breaking down complex scientific concepts into easily digestible information. 

RDs excel at translating complicated research findings into practical advice that people can apply in their everyday lives. 

This is most true when it comes to educating people about their endocannabinoid system and the role it plays in pain relief, autoimmune diseases, and more. 

RDs know how to talk about decarboxylation, the ECS, enzymes, receptors, different cannabinoids, and proper cannabinoid ratios in a way that the everyday consumer can relate to. 

By leveraging our communication skills, RDs can help demystify cannabis and empower individuals to make informed decisions about its use.

We Know Supplements

As a dietitian, you have been trained to educate clients on various aspects of nutrition, including the use of dietary supplements to support overall health and well-being. 

Cannabis, with its numerous therapeutic properties, can be considered akin to a supplement, making it a unique and fitting avenue to pursue. 

By expanding our knowledge base to include cannabis, we are able to provide comprehensive guidance on incorporating this powerful plant into clients’ wellness routines. 

This not only helps individuals reap the potential benefits of cannabis but also positions you as a valuable resource in an emerging field that bridges the gap between traditional nutrition and holistic health practices.

Emily Kyle Cannabis Educator

Benefits of Working in Cannabis

Given our education, training, connection to food, and ability to simplify complex information, RDs are the perfect candidates to educate the public about cannabis. 

As the demand for reliable and accurate information on cannabis continues to grow, RDs can play a crucial role in promoting this powerful plant’s safe and responsible use. 

Embracing the cannabis industry as a healthcare professional may seem daunting at first, but rest assured, working in this rapidly growing field will not harm your career. 

In fact, with the increasing acceptance and legalization of cannabis worldwide, it opens up new opportunities for professional growth and specialization. 

By staying ahead of the curve and becoming a knowledgeable resource in cannabis education, you’ll not only enhance your expertise but also position yourself as a pioneer in an area that’s expected to play a significant role in healthcare and wellness for years to come.

Here are just a few of the benefits you may experience if you leap over that fear and jump feet-first into the world of cannabis. These are more relevant if you have your own private practice or own your own business. 

Creative Control and Freedom

Exploring the world of cannabis as a healthcare professional or Registered Dietitian allows you to tap into your creativity and embrace greater freedom in your career. 

This is particularly true if you decide to start your own business, where you can design unique programs, develop innovative products, and offer personalized services tailored to client’s needs and preferences.

As an RD working in cannabis, if you can dream it, you can create it. In my business, I have created free resources, paid online education programs, and even a successful cannabis membership community.

All of these avenues have allowed me to explore how I love to work and have given me the creative control and freedom needed to fall in love with my work again.

Greater Financial Opportunities

As an RD, I understand that dreaded feeling you get when you think about a salary cap. That no matter how high on the ladder you climb, you eventually will reach the proverbial glass ceiling of pay.

By venturing into the cannabis industry, you open the door to potentially lucrative opportunities. 

As the market continues to grow and evolve, there’s an increasing demand for experts who can provide reliable and informed guidance about cannabis use and its benefits. 

This high demand, coupled with your specialized skills, can lead to increased income and financial stability. 

To put things in perspective, I have made and exceeded my yearly part-time RD hospital salary of $24,000 in a single month in my cannabis business. 

The opportunity is there, you just have to be brave enough to go after it and understand that it will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and willingness to get knocked down and back up again. 

Elevated Work Satisfaction

Working in the cannabis field provides financial rewards and a higher level of work satisfaction. 

I never felt satisfied with the work I did as a clinical dietitian. I never felt I could truly help someone in my brief 15-minute visit with them.

It wasn’t until I was deep into my cannabis work that I realized I was starting to make a true difference in the quality of people’s lives. 

By helping clients improve their health and well-being through cannabis, you will make a tangible difference in people’s lives. 

You will know because they will be so happy with their success that they will tell you and anyone else who will listen. You will feel the deep satisfaction of doing work that feels aligned with your soul.

Additionally, the opportunity to innovate and create within your own business empowers you to forge your own path and enjoy a more fulfilling professional journey. 

I am more satisfied now than ever providing nutrition services in the hospital or nutrition counseling in my private practice. 

Learn from Me: Don’t Be Scared

As a pioneering Registered Dietitian in the cannabis field, I have created an incredible career that combines my passion for nutrition and wellness with the transformative power of cannabis. 

I am proud to be the very first Registered Dietitian to become a licensed cannabis farmer and the first to create a dietitian-approved edible line. I am a cannabis cookbook author, my cannabis blog has reached over 19 million viewers, and I am now venturing into cannabis-speaking events.

I would have never experienced this level of joy, satisfaction, or financial freedom if I had let my fears hold me back.

In the beginning, I was hesitant and fearful about venturing into the world of cannabis. I worried about the potential impact on my professional reputation. 

However, I took a leap of faith, I came out of the cannabis closet, and I discovered that embracing this industry has been one of the best decisions of my life. 

Not only do I now earn more money, but I also experience immense satisfaction and happiness from helping others improve their well-being through cannabis-infused products and education.

Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your true passion. 

By following my example and embracing the opportunities within the cannabis industry, you, too, can create a fulfilling and successful career that aligns with your values and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it out of the scope of RDs working in cannabis?

When dealing with potential drug interactions, and pain management clinics, our other conditions are outside of the scope of medical nutrition therapy. 

What do people use cannabis for?

Some of the most common reasons people turn to cannabis: are pain relief from chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and traumatic brain injury, to manage chemotherapy-induced nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatic diseases. To reap the medical benefits of the plant to support bone health, muscle spasm

What continuing education program did you do?

I completed the certified holistic cannabis practitioner program from the Holistic Cannabis Academy.

Are there side effects to cannabis?

There can be, but they are generally mild and short-lived in most cases. Learn more about the side effects of cannabis here. 

Do clients need a medical marijuana card?

It depends on their state, but many states do not require a medical marijuana card to use cannabis. My online shop does not require a medical card. 


In conclusion, Registered Dietitians are well-equipped to lead the charge in cannabis education and its integration into healthcare. 

As more people turn to cannabis for its therapeutic benefits, RDs have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of their clients and the broader community. 

If you’re a fellow dietitian ready to take the leap and embrace the world of cannabis, I highly recommend starting with my Cannabis Compass Online Course. 

This comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident in incorporating cannabis into your professional practice. 

By gaining expertise in this emerging field, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead and help your clients experience the myriad of benefits that cannabis can offer. 

Don’t hesitate – invest in your future today and join me on this transformative journey.

Graphic image with text stating The Cannabis Compass Online Course

Everything you wish someone taught you…

The Cannabis Compass Online Course will show you how to use, apply, and dose cannabis safely and effectively so that you can begin to manage your anxiety, pain, and inflammation the natural way from the comfort of your own home. Learn more below.

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