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Texas Marijuana Buyers Create ‘Little Amsterdam’ In New Mexico

Cannabis use in Texas remains illegal, with few exceptions, leading consumers to turn to other states and options to obtain medicinal or recreational marijuana. One of these places is Sunland Park, a tiny New Mexico town that has become a hotspot for West Texans looking to purchase cannabis products.

Sunland Park is located in southeast New Mexico along the Rio Grande, with the Mexican border not far off. Its location makes it easy for Texas residents, particularly from cities like El Paso, to hop over the border and stock up. Sunland Park has the second-largest cannabis market in the state, with only the much larger city of Albuquerque managing to beat it.

The Sunland Park Cannabis Market 

There are currently a staggering 16 cannabis dispensaries open in Sunland Park, with more on the way. For a town with only 17,000 residents, this can sometimes seem overwhelming to locals. What the town lacks in grocery stores, nail salons, and gas stations is largely made up for in the tax revenue generated by cannabis sales, leading to a local economic boon of more than $1 million over the last year.

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Now called “the Dubai of marijuana” and “Little Amsterdam,” this marijuana boomtown is also a provider of other services that Texans lack, such as abortions. Texans no longer fear prosecution from police when crossing state lines to purchase marijuana, and Texas law enforcement has not made catching cannabis users a high priority.

While cannabis boomtowns are as old as marijuana legalization in the United States itself, ongoing legalization in more states will eventually lead to a decline in places like Sunland Park.

What’s Next for Texas

It’s still largely uncertain when cannabis legalization in Texas may change. Some towns, like Lubbock, are planning to vote on local marijuana usage in 2024. Hemp products, including delta-8 and delta-9, are also legal in Texas. The potential future of cannabis rescheduling and federal legalization could also lead to sweeping changes across Texas, but only time will tell for sure.

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