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The Cannabis Accessory Brand of The Future

HØJ, a Danish luxury cannabis brand headquartered in London, is all about the future of cannabis accessories. Where some brands are content simply recreating — HØJ is redefining. Behind the forward-thinking Danish brand is a commitment to unrelenting craftsmanship, nature-inspired designs, and unwavering respect for the planet. Thanks to this care and intent, HØJ’s products deliver a level of quality unseen in today’s cannabis industry.  With all that being said, let’s take a look at some of HØJ’s signature products and delve into the reasons they blew us away.

The KLIP Grinder: Where Precision Meets Personalization

One of HØJ’s most iconic creations is the KLIP Grinder. Unlike traditional grinders that crush herbs, the KLIP finely slices it, resulting in a fluffier herb that burns more evenly. This is all made possible by the Klip Grinder’s innovative use of magnets which suspend the blades in midair, dramatically reducing contact with the sides of the grinder. This not only ensures your herb is treated with the utmost care but also prevents clogging.

The KLIP Grinder is a fully customizable experience. It comes equipped with a magnetic accessory system that includes three different control discs and a mesh. Getting these customizable pieces into place is a breeze. Opening the grinder only requires a 10-degree twist, making it accessible to all users. With the KLIP, HØJ proves that precision and functionality can coexist beautifully. Best of all, the KLIP Grinder comes with a lifetime warranty. Learn more about this innovative device, here. (link to Celeste written blog)

(the KLIP Grinder explained by HØJ CEO)

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The KØL Pipe: A Revolution in Smoking Technology

HØJ’s KØL 2.0 Pipe is a testament to their commitment to innovative design and an exceptional smoking experience. This pipe features a micro-channel design that strips heat from the herb, eliminating the need for water. The titanium-coated filter ensures a smoother smoking experience with fewer coughing fits.

The KØL Pipe’s shape is inspired by the scales of the Mako shark. Its unique shape directs incoming air into a vortex, reducing herbal impurities and delivering a cleaner hit. Another benefit of the pipe’s unique design is that it’s incredibly easy to clean. Simply snap it open to access the interior and wash it as you would your dishes or utensils — no need to worry about fragile glass. Even if it does break, the KØL Pipe comes with a lifetime warranty.

The KØL Pipe is more than just a smoking device; it’s a work of art that enhances your cannabis experience.

The HAMP Rolling Papers: Elevate Your Rolling Game

HØJ’s HAMP Rolling Papers take the humble rolling paper into an entirely new tier. These tear-resistant papers burn slower ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted smoking experience. What’s more, these rolling papers have a nearly undetectable flavor allowing you to savor the full flavor of your chosen strain.

Each pack of HAMP Rolling Papers comes with extra-thick filters that prevent unwanted herb inhalation, ensuring a clean and enjoyable session. a magnetic closure system ensures your rolling papers stay moisture- and crease-free.

As a special little treat and symbol of their commitment to redefining cannabis consumption, every 200th pack includes gold rolling papers; if you find a golden paper, you win a free HØJ product! *Terms and Conditions apply. 

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