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The Ultimate Girls’ Night Experience » Emily Kyle, RD

In this episode, our guest Kym shares her transformation from a free-spirited cannabis user in her younger days to rediscovering the benefits of edibles in recent times. She dives into the importance of maintaining a judgment-free space during her monthly girls’ nights and how these gatherings led her to experience cannabis for the first time. Having found relief from various health issues through edibles, she now advocates for their use as an alternative to smoking.


  • Release Date: Wednesday, June 21st, 2023
  • Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 25
  • Special Guest: Kym

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Why You Will Love This Episode

Growing up, our guest Kym enjoyed her fair share of cannabis, but it wasn’t until her girls’ nights later in life that she discovered the world of edibles.

These girls’ night gatherings provided a safe space for Kym and her friends to unwind and indulge in life’s pleasures without any judgment.

During one of these nights, she tried cannabis-infused gummies and experienced an incredible night’s sleep – even if she got a little too high initially.

Curious about the potential benefits of edibles, she started researching and experimenting with different types to address her own health issues.

She found that the gummies helped her manage pain from various injuries and reduced her dependence on medications – going from six different prescriptions to just one.

Alongside the gummies, she also uses CBD cream for pain relief, which has been very effective on joints and muscles.

Navigating the differences in cannabis laws between Canada and the USA, Kym has been able to introduce edibles to her family and friends, many of whom have found relief from pain and sleep issues.

This includes her eldest daughter, battling breast cancer and finding comfort and relaxation through gummies after chemotherapy sessions.

As a passionate advocate for edibles, Kym believes they are a great alternative for those who don’t like smoking cannabis.

With her own experiences and those of her loved ones, she hopes to encourage others to explore the potential benefits of cannabis-infused edibles.

Full Transcript

Kym: All we want is people to be healthy, you know? And I think that in a world where there are so many things wrong and there are so many health problems, and it’s let’s face it, it’s these big pharma companies that are pushing their drugs on people that people don’t need. They do not need half the stuff they’re taking.

Announcer: Welcome to the Well With Cannabis Podcast, a show dedicated to telling the life-changing stories of those who live well with cannabis all while teaching you how to do the same. Meet your host, Emily Kyle, a registered dietitian nutritionist turned certified holistic cannabis practitioner. Emily changed her life for the better with the help of the cannabis plant, and now she’s committed to helping others do the same.

Tune in each week to hear heartwarming stories and gain the knowledge you need to feel connected, inspired, and supported on your own cannabis journey. Whether you’re a new cannabis consumer or a lifetime lover, you’ll benefit from these uplifting tales of real-life journeys that will show you how you, too, can live your best life well with cannabis.

Disclaimer: Hi there. Before we jump into today’s episode, I wanted to share a note on potentially sensitive content. The episodes on the Well With Cannabis Podcast are created for adult audiences only. We will, at times, cover sensitive topics, including but not limited to suicide, abuse, mental illness, sex, drugs, alcohol, psychedelics, and the obvious use of plant medicine. Explicit language may be used occasionally. Please refrain from watching or listening to the show if you’re likely to be offended or adversely impacted by any of these topics.

The information on this show is for informational and educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. If any of the content on this podcast has brought up anything for you, please reach out or speak to a professional or someone you trust.

Emily: Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the Well with Cannabis Podcast. I am so excited. We have our friend, Kym, here today, who is going to share with us her cannabis experience. And the one thing I was the most interested in is this Girl’s Night you told me about Kym that you had. So I’d love to welcome you to the show and get to know a little bit more about you and how cannabis came into your life.

Kym: Well, thank you very much, and thank you for having me. I thought I started getting back into cannabis; well, my girlfriends, for one, used to have girls’ nights all the time. Once a month, we’d all get together, and all the girls would come over, and everyone had their own thing. We’re all very different and live in different areas, but we come together because we were all friends at one point and still friends, and so some of the girls would try different stuff, and I was like, no, it’s not for me. It’s not. I’ll stick with my vodka drink.

Kym: Then I started smoking a little bit, but I found it very harsh to smoke it. And even though I’m an ex-smoker, I still found it difficult. So someone suggested gummies to me, and I said, “Gummies? What’s that?” And they’re like, “Oh, well, and they take longer to work and whatever.” One of the girls brought out her bag of gummies because when we go to this party, anyone can bring whatever they want. Nobody is in the judgment of anybody because it’s a free space. So there’s usually about.

Emily: I love this; groups of women need to do more of this. It sounds amazing.

Kym: It was; we always had a great time. There were always about 10 of us, usually, sometimes more, but the average, the regular kind of group was 10. Some people would bring friends, and we were all always okay with that, as long as they understood that what’s at the party stays at the party, and we’re not going home and telling our husbands about it because the idea of us getting together was to get away from the husbands, complain. We always had a really good time, and we didn’t land up spending our time talking about them, that’s for sure. We all needed some downtime.

Kym: So one of the girls introduced me to it, and the first time I tried it, I really didn’t get a buzz from it or whatever. Or maybe I didn’t, and I didn’t know it because I was drinking. Then I tried it again, and it was trying to understand that it takes a while to kick in. It’s not like smoking where it’s immediate. When it’s a gummy, it’s totally different, totally different. Body stoned versus just a 20-minute when you’re smoking lasts 20 minutes. When you’re eating your gummy, it’s going to last for hours, which is awesome. I love that because you can linger and do whatever, and if you take the right dose, the first, the second time, I had tried it because the first time didn’t work. I actually took two gummies, and I was in bed the whole next day. I could not crawl out of bed. It hit me like a rock. I thought, oh my God, I’m not doing that again.

Kym: Going to this girl party, and then we all talked about how it helps de-stress many of them. At the end of the day, one of them, she goes into her bathroom, puts on the fan, and smokes. She blows it at the fan. I go, “Well, how come your husband doesn’t know?” And she goes, “He doesn’t.” I said, “God, weed stinks like skunk-like; I mean, he must know”. And she goes, well, if he does, he doesn’t say anything.

Emily: Smart guy.

Kym: Exactly. Then I got really, really sick. I was put on steroids and all kinds of different medications, and they were interacting with each other. I end up with part hormone therapy and stuff. I ended up with PLC (Pityriasis lichenoides chronica). That was very dramatic for me; I got it all over my body. It looks like chicken pox, actually. It’s all over your body, and they swell up, and they bubble, and you’re covered, and it’s horrible, and no one can figure out-

Emily: That sounds terrible.

Kym: What was wrong with me? They kept giving me medications, but they weren’t checking the medications, and I was getting sicker and sicker. I ended up with pneumonia and kidney disease. There were a lot of things that happened. I got burnt with Ethanol not long after that, half my body. It was just one rolling thing after another for me for about two years. So, being introduced to gummies, I started taking them more often and saying, “Okay, look, I have to understand these; I have to know how they’re working for me.”

Kym: They were the one thing working for me. I kept getting sicker, and when I went to the pharmacist, this was a wake-up call for me. The pharmacist said to me, “What are they doing? What are your doctors doing? They’re prescribing you all this stuff, and they’re not checking anything. This could literally kill you. The steroids they’re giving you, they don’t even give this to athletes. Like the dose that they’re giving you.”

Emily: Oh my gosh.

Kym: “My recommendation to you is to stop taking them immediately. They’re not mixing with your medication. You’re getting sicker because of it.” This was the pharmacist that caught it.

Emily: I know. Did that scare you? Oh my god.

Kym: It did. It scared the crap out of me, actually. So what I did was I went home, and I did a big think session, and I said, “That’s it. I’m not doing it anymore.” I took myself off of everything, all the painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants because my body was going through so much trauma. I started taking it; first, I started with the oil because I didn’t know enough about the jellies. I started trying CBD oil, and it was helping me, but it still wasn’t touching the pain or not helping me really with the sleep because it was just CBD oil. And even though I got it stronger and stronger, I felt like it still wasn’t doing.

Kym: The one I use through experimenting and some time. I’m still pretty new at it. It’s taken a long time to get to this point where I know how it will affect me and the dose I can take. We’re in Florida now, but we’re from Canada normally. In Canada, I have more flexibility with what I want and can get. Whereas Florida’s very limited. The stuff here that I get, it’s not as good. I have to double up on some of the stuff for it to work. If I can make it myself here, that would be awesome. Then I could put what I needed in it instead of having to double buy everything because I have to take double doses here. I don’t find them as informative or as I would like here.

Emily: Interesting. Oh, that’s a-

Kym: In Canada, they’re really informative, and I can get pretty much anything I want in Canada versus here. It’s made a difference here trying to figure out and find out what my proper dosage is. I’ve come to the point where now I’m off all medications, and I have that, and I take it every night. I don’t take it during the day, but I do take it at night before I go to bed, about maybe four hours before I go to bed, because it takes about two hours to kick in. Most of them take about two hours to kick in. So about four hours before I go to bed. Then I still have time to chill.

Kym: I sleep like a baby, and I wake up, and physically my body, I’m back to exercising all the time. I don’t have the aches and pains anymore. We are so thrilled about that. I was so thrilled. My husband couldn’t believe my transformation. So, he refused to take it. He wouldn’t take it. But he has joint problems, too. So I said to him it didn’t just clear up my autoimmune disorder, which was the PLC. It’s an autoimmune disease. But when I was burnt with the ethanol, what was happening was: the pharmacy was selling through the backdoor. They were selling the meds that the doctors were prescribing to me. They were giving me Tylenol. They doubled my dose of Tylenol, and the pain, like my whole face was burnt, my half my body.

Kym: I was living on Tylenol, and when I went to see the doctor when I went back to the burn unit, she said, “Now did I give you strong enough medication, and do you need more?” I looked at her and said, “Well, Tylenol doesn’t really do it for me.” So, my friend had some weed and some hash and stuff, which I prefer hash. So she brought some with her. She came down to look after me because I couldn’t change band-aids and stuff. She brought some down, and that really helped. She also started getting into gummies, but she still preferred to smoke.

Kym: My husband was so amazed that all of a sudden I wasn’t taking these pills, my joints were better, and I was sleeping really well. Let’s face it, every day, we carry the stress of work and everything else going on in our life. It just calmed me. I started meditating at the same time, and I started doing all the different stuff. I had a double frozen shoulder and had to work through all that. I didn’t want cortisone shots; I didn’t want anything. What got me through was the CBD and the THC mixed for my gummies.

Kym: It’s just a smaller portion of the THC. I really want the stronger CBD, but it works better for me as far as sleeping. I didn’t know that at first. I kept just trying the CBD and then said it was not working quite as I needed it to. It took me a while to understand that I needed the THC in it to do everything. My husband jumped on the bandwagon; I’m telling you, he loves this so much. He loves it. Like he tells everyone I go, you can’t just tell everyone you should get gummies. “You should get gummies”. They say, “Oh, you guys look good, and you’re active,” whenever he says, “Oh, you should get some gummies.”

Emily: That is awesome. I love it. Oh my gosh.

Kym: He goes, “Yeah, don’t get the lower ones.” He goes to Canada; we can get 2000 and 3000mg. Well, here, you can’t get 0.3% or something. He goes, “You could take two.” He runs around the park now; we’re going from place to place because we’re doing RV traveling. We sold our whole house last Christmas and decided to hit the road. We bought a motorcoach.

Emily: Look at you guys. That’s awesome.

Kym: We’re traveling, and we’re doing drugs, and we’re having a great time now.

Emily: That is amazing. I hope anyone listening who is like, I want to be just like Kym, and I’m so happy. You both feel so well that you can travel the country RVing. That’s not easy to do, but to have the energy to do it, I’m so excited for you both.

Kym: It’s not just the energy. I think it’s our overall well-being. We’re actually feeling healthier. I know it sounds crazy. When I’m explaining it to people, I say, “You just don’t understand. You don’t get it.” Like here.

Emily: Not until you try it.

Kym: There are so many people, and they go, “Really”? By the end of the night, we got them trying it like my dad, who is 85 or 83. He’s 83, and he has so much joint pain. I still have other problems, so I also use the creams. I can never find it anywhere. I don’t even see it on your site. Like creams, it’s usually oil, right? I’ve been buying this cream, and it’s got CBD and THC in it. You put that stuff on, and I’m telling you, within 15, 20 minutes… My father has been in so much pain.

Kym: He can barely walk because he’s hunched over because he’s in so much pain. His arms, because he has frozen shoulder, and I know what it’s like because I had to go through it. He said, “Well, they want me to go.” I said, “Well, yes.” I never liked the therapy. So I didn’t go; I’m my therapist, I’m the type of person that I want it fixed. I’m going to do it myself; I’m going to figure it out. I’m going to, so I slowly lift weights, and I slowly do it. It took me two years to get rid of it.

Kym: But it was amazing between using the CBD with the THC and using the rub and everything else. I got through it, and now I’m telling my dad. I gave him a gummy, but he got sick from it. So I said, “It’s okay; I won’t give you another one, but you will use this cream.” I put the cream on him, and because I found this other lotion last year, it was just oil, and it was okay, and it was from Sage, but it was all natural. And it works for pain but doesn’t go deep where the THC+CBD goes in deep. Okay?

Emily: Yeah.

Kym: I’m telling you, he’s walking tall, he’s walking around, and I see him. We’ve been going to see him and I said to him, “So, how do you feel?” And he says, “Oh my God”. He says, “This stuff is a miracle.” He’s been dealing with this pain every night. It wakes him up, wakes him up, wakes him up. Since I got him the cream, I got it for him at Christmas, and he’s been using it since and absolutely loves it.

Kym: We talked about it again yesterday. He’s really a hard nut to crack. I hadn’t seen him in 28 years and came down to see him. His wife got hurt, so I came down to help look after him. Meanwhile, I’m finding out all these things with him. I’m trying to help him figure out some of this pain. CBD and THC have worked for me so well; I’m happy to share that with anyone that’ll listen. I’ve met so many people in other motor coaches and stuff, but they’re a hoot; the people on the road are so different from your neighbors.

Emily: Yes, I bet it’s so fun.

Kym: They’re so open and up to because they know they’re always meeting new people. So it was great. I’ve got a few of them now that are on it. We call, even though we’re not at the same places anymore. We’ve met up in Arizona and places like this. And the people we met last year in Arizona, we met up with them three times already this year, and she’s like addicted. You should see the stuff she’s buying. She goes, “Come in; I want to show you all my stuff”. So I’m like, “Really?” She goes, “Yeah”. So I go, “Okay”. I come in then she pulls up the bags of different types of CBD. She goes, “Well, you told me to test them to find out which ones I’m going to like the best.” I’m like, “Oh, you didn’t have to buy out the store!”

Emily: How fun, oh my gosh.

Kym: She loves it, and her husband has a lot of back pain. I’m around aging people all the time because young people really can’t afford to do this. You see older people all the time, and they’re dealing with this pain. I think that if I can get them to try it, I go if you’re open to trying it, I have some stuff; it’s really good. It’ll help your pain and help you sleep. All the people that I’ve talked to about it and done it with them, most of them are on it now. All of them, and they’re like, yeah, because you know why? We can also tell them it takes this long before it affects you and stuff like that. When you go in the store, and they say stuff, it’s not quite the same as someone because they’ll be a little more meticulous and detailed about how to take it, when to take it, how much to take, and then to slowly try a little piece and you’ll find your happy spot kind of thing.

Emily: It is amazing. You have improved the lives of so many people in your immediate circle just with your love of the plant. That’s what I hope that this podcast will do ultimately is reach even more people and listen and hear your story and say, “If Kym is living this amazing life and she made her husband feel better and she made her dad feel better and she’s living this great life I can be like Kym.” I hope everyone gets that because it sounds like you are just living a good life now.

Kym: We are, and the thing is, I don’t think we would be if we didn’t. Not that we wouldn’t be. We’ve always had a good life. It’s just that again, as you get older, you have problems. I beat up my body really badly because I was in landscaping. I was a bricklayer. Lashes and nails. My group of people it’s been all over the place, but I have beaten up my body. So for me, this has been a really enlightening experience, and I don’t know if we could ever live without it.

Kym: It’s changed our lives in such a positive way. Suppose anyone’s going through this to get people off actual drugs. This was my biggest thing. I’ve always been a very healthy eater, very active, very. All these drugs, they beat you up even worse. You’re sicker than a dog. Then not to mention, they’re not even checking the records and mixing your stuff, so that’s doing harm to your body as well. I thought I got to get off and get myself feeling better. And so for that, this has been amazing.

Emily: I’m so glad that you share that with others because it just truly takes that story, and as you said, hearing it from someone that or that you can see yourself and relate to, it makes it so much easier to say, “Maybe I should really give this a try.” Maybe they could have an amazing outcome just like you have.

Kym: I think a lot of them have had a good outcome, or they wouldn’t have gone to the store and bought bags full. Everyone that I’ve given one to, or given a few to, has all come back very positive, and a lot of them are buying it. There’s nobody I know that I’ve shared it with that isn’t buying it. Even my stuck-up sister-in-law is asking questions because she tried it, and she liked it, so her daughter is going to go and help her figure it out because we’re not in Canada right now. She’s going to take her to the store, which is good. I said good; you have some bonding time. I said you wouldn’t have tried it with her, but you tried it with me, and now you like it. Now have something to talk to her about because if she didn’t like it, then she wouldn’t have had to share it with her.

Emily: Right?

Kym: If you’re in your own little old people circle, or whatever you want to call it, and we all tried it, or you tried it by yourself and liked it, then it’s something you can share with your kids. I’ve always been very open with my kids about drugs, so it was never a thing, you know?

Emily: Yep.

Kym: That we’ve always just talked about it. And my son, when he gets something new or tries something new, he’ll tell me. He did tell me a couple of times, why don’t you try gummies? He goes, “They’re not for me”. But now we’ve got him hooked again. We found a brand.

Emily: That’s so nice.

Kym: He’s like, “Oh my God”. He goes, “I can’t believe you guys.” It was through our testing. Trying them to say you’re just not getting a good one. This is what you need to try. Now he just had a baby last year, so he doesn’t want to smoke any more. This is where I said you might prefer the gummy. He goes, oh, Mom. He goes, and I said, just know when. We had this big conversation, and then he called us after this, and he goes, “Now, I’m hooked, I’m hooked. He goes, you found the best thing.” I’m like, no, like if it’s helping you. Because he’s the type of man that really helps a lot with the kids. He’s very hands-on, so it’s wonderful

Kym: And the fact that he carries everything on his shoulders, like me at night. He doesn’t de-stress, so he doesn’t sleep well. I’ve had insomnia for years, but I don’t have it with this; I actually sleep through until at least five, which is awesome. For me, I used to be up every hour on the hour, like every hour on hour. I never slept. It was horrible. Just having five hours of sleep that’s awesome. I’m just ecstatic, and it’s the same for my husband. I think for us, again, getting back to the age thing, I think with this aging population, I think that this is where things need to go more versus getting out of this whole drug cycle.

Kym: The amount of drugs my father gets, and his wife gets monthly, is insane. I said to him, get rid of all that shit and take some CBD, and oh well, but it’s got heart medication, whatever. I go, yes, I get you can’t do all that. But he got sick from it. He’s got Crohn’s, colitis; he’s got everything. So it’s different. For people with pain and average trouble sleeping and pain, I’m not saying it’s going to do all your health problems, but for the majority of pain and sleep. As I said, my dad puts it on his arm; he says he feels like a new man just by rubbing this on. He puts it on twice a day. Puts it on twice a day, and he says he can’t believe how it’s helped him. And just in a few months, he goes, “Oh, it was a godsend that you came down”.

Kym: Last year, I was helping him when I came down. And that was when I first met him again after 28 years. Then did that and tried the other stuff because I hadn’t been introduced to the cream yet, and I just happened to go to a beach, and they had this market; this is how I landed up finding the cream. There was an outdoor market in Sarasota, and we were there, and there were these two older ladies, and I said, “Oh, you got some CBD, okay. Let me see what it is.” I started, and I go, “Oh, what’s this?” And she says, “Oh, it’s a cream. It’s got a little bit of a lecithin in it”.

Kym: It does have a little bit. I wouldn’t even know how to do that. Which I would really love to learn. To make my own with the little bit of the… because there’s a little bit of heat to it, so I know there’s got to be something else in there. I can share the name with you after if you want. So, and then you could tell me what’s in it. You’ll know once you see the label, you can research it for me.

Emily: Absolutely.

Kym: That’s how I found this stuff, and I became addicted to it. I don’t use it as much as I have to now. When I first got it, I was using it all the time, but over time as I’ve been using it, those parts of my body aren’t as sore anymore. I don’t have to use it much. Yet, I still keep a couple just in case whenever I travel; it’s in my purse. If I get a sore hip, I rub a little on the hip. There you go. I’m good in 20 minutes. Then if it’s got a sore arm, rub it there within a few minutes. I’m going to be fine again. It works so well.

Kym: This was last year; I think it was probably in January when I found it on the beach, and it was crazy. When I came back here, when we were coming through Florida, I called the lady up. I didn’t know because I had taken the label off of the front of it because I was going to Canada, I had to go back home, and I was worried that if they saw CBD on it, I’d get busted. I wanted the cream because I liked that it was working. So I ripped the tag off. I didn’t know what it was or couldn’t remember. But I did have her name because I kept the bill, and her phone number was on it. We actually met up an hour away from each other, and I met up with her, and she brought me; I said, “Bring me a couple just in case I don’t see you again.”

Emily: That’s so nice.

Kym: So yeah, so she met up with me, and I got more, and that’s when I got one for my dad too. So this cream, if you have something like this, it is amazing, and it really works well. And for aging, again, I keep going back to the aging thing because I think old people need more knowledge about it and more understanding. And if I could go around and test these products, I would.

Emily: It is like, “A little sample for you. A sample for you, sample for you. Just try with this, and this is how it’s going to work, and this is how long it’s going to take to work and see how we like it.

Kym: Absolutely, absolutely. We’re 60 and 63, but everybody else is much older than us. I can tell by the way they’re walking. They need some.

Emily: I know. And it’s a good thing.

Kym: On your joints.

Emily: It’s a good thing to point out, too, that cream is perfect for the aging population because it’s not going to make you high. You don’t have to worry about it. Even if there’s THC in it, it doesn’t give you that high like edibles or smoking does. If anybody is listening in the older population and feels like, “I want to try something, but I don’t want to get high.” What you’re talking about is topical cream is perfect because it can help relieve pain without making you feel unwell. There’s really no barrier to trying it.

Kym: Absolutely, and I agree with that. That’s something you might want to put on your page. Because of how it works, I can’t even describe how well it works.

Emily: It’s amazing.

Kym: It truly is amazing. And there are just so many people in need of it. It’s like, yes, how do get across? I know. I mean, this is your life, right? You’re out there doing this every day, trying to market your product, but at the same time, you’re trying to educate us. I think that’s wonderful. I was really surprised when I came across you, actually, because I thought, “Oh, is she going to get in trouble?”

Emily: Yes. Oh yes, absolutely.

Kym: “She’s like right there. Is she going to get in trouble for this?” I was still like, “Oh my God, you’re like right in there, and you have it.” I think it’s awesome. And the fact that your husband’s involved and you have no secrets. It’s all perfect, it’s great. You do food and stuff, too, right?

Emily: That’s actually how we got started, posting recipes. I remember posting my very first cannabis recipe online. It was for cannabis brownies. I thought to myself, “Am I going to get in trouble for this?” Years later, it’s been seen by almost a million people now, and I’ve never gotten in trouble.

Kym: That’s wonderful. Thank God you never got in trouble. Brownies are one of my favorites actually. But they’re very sneaky.

Emily: Yes. Brownies. I really honestly don’t trust myself with homemade edibles. Every picture on my website is something I’ve made. I’ve tried it, and I swear, sometimes I think I have the dosing just right. I did the math, I used the calculator, and there were times when it would just knock me down. My husband every time is like, “What did you eat?” I’m like, “Oh my gosh”. I like the store-bought gummies because they are labeled, I know exactly what is in them, and nothing can sneak up on me.

Emily: One funny story, I thought I was being responsible, and I only licked the spoon and like took a little sliver. I didn’t even take like a whole teaspoon. I was making cannabutter for a video, and that was it. I mean, the licking of the spoon was enough. I had to go to my son’s lacrosse game, and I’m sitting on the couch like this, and my husband’s like, “What is wrong with you?” I was like, “I licked the spoon.” I didn’t even know. So, as much as I love homemade edibles, and I love that they give people so much freedom and creativity in the kitchen, I personally am not responsible enough to trust myself yet.

Kym: I wouldn’t know. And that’s the thing, that’s what scares me too, but yeah, because I’ve had a couple of episodes with brownies.

Emily: Right? I think we all have had that one experience where you’ve eaten too much.

Kym: You don’t taste them. You think, oh, that’s not bad. Oh, I’ll have a second one.

Emily: Yep, and back in the day, I used to think like the cannabis taste was related to potency, so if it didn’t taste like cannabis, it must not be very potent. I learned that that is absolutely incorrect as well. That is not true. I mean, the most potent stuff now has the least amount of flavor. It really can trick you.

Kym: Well, I did what I did with my Pax when I started with my son. He had told me about that to get that. I had bought that and then anyhow, so what I would do is when it was empty or when it was finished.

Emily: Oh yeah, yeah.

Kym: I opened it up, and I would keep it.

Emily: Keep it; go ahead.

Kym: Keep all the remnants or whatever.

Emily: Yep.

Kym: And I put it in a bag until it would get enough that I could make brownies with that.

Emily: That’s amazing.

Kym: It was crazy. They were so strong. It was nuts. My son says to me, “They were good, Mom but holy shit.” I didn’t even use hardly any in it; seriously, you didn’t have to use barely any.

Emily: People throw stuff away. People don’t realize that they can keep it. So if anyone’s listening, a Pax is a dry herb vaporizer. When you vaporize, you get to enjoy your cannabis flower, but because there’s no burning, the flower still exists at the end. And technically, it’s decarboxylated. You can throw it in any edible you want, but be careful because it could be strong.

Kym: Oh, it sneaks up on you. It does, it does. I didn’t even know that at first. It was my cousin that had said to me, “Well what are you doing with it?” and I say “I throw it out.” “Don’t throw it out. It’s the best part.” She says you can make some edibles. I said, seriously said, no. I said, done, I’ll do that. You’ve got to be really careful, though. It’s like crazy.

Emily: It’s so nice, though to have like different people in your life to talk about because you learn new things from other people as well. When we are more free and open to talk about it, it just becomes so much easier to pass on knowledge and wisdom as well.

Kym: Yeah. I think that it’s been such a closed subject for so long, for so many people because of, well because of society. It wasn’t legal and I think a lot of these people, I know half these old people probably tried it in their day. They were higher than a kite I’m sure of it. The thing is everyone, as you grew up you become mature, you stop all this stuff. But now that it’s legalized, there’s no reason to be afraid of it. I think in their mindset, it’s still illegal.

Emily: Yeah.

Kym: It’s still illegal.

Emily: It still feels naughty for a lot of people.

Kym: Well, here in the States. I don’t feel that way in Canada at all.

Emily: I bet, I bet. It’s a whole; it’s interesting that you have the perspective of both as well because Canada is just so far ahead of us in the times. I’m sure you’re like, what is happening here in the States?

Kym: It is so totally different. We’re six months here, six months there. I mean, it is totally different from speaking even to the people in the stores. I mean, they’re knowledgeable, don’t get me wrong. Most of them are, there are some that have no knowledge, but there are those that are very knowledgeable, and those ones are usually really higher than a kite when you’re talking, and you’re going, “Okay, I need this answer.” And they’re like, oh, try this, try this. And I’m like, yeah, I’d like to try it all, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for this kind of thing. So my mix-up still now is what I’m still trying to understand. I get mixed up with the Sativa and the Indica. Do I need Sativa, or do I need an Indica, or you know? It still kind of confuses me, and I’m sure it confuses lots of people.

Emily: Let me give you my quick thoughts on it because back in the day, it was like: Sativa is an upper, can maybe exacerbate anxiety, but for daytime use if you want to get something done, go for a Sativa. Indica, nicknamed “in-da-couch”, it’s going to keep you on the couch. Tired, sedated, more of a body high. Now fast forward in; I’m not a botanist, so I’ll probably botch this a little bit, but in plant genetics, there has been so much mixing of the Indica and Sativa that it’s almost; I hope I’m not wrong; its almost impossible to find a pure Indica and a pure Sativa. At this point, almost everything is a hybrid. Meaning it has a little bit of both.

Emily: When you go to the store, you’ll see a Sativa-dominant hybrid or an Indica-dominant hybrid. For most people, again, it’s about experimenting, just like you talked about. They have to experiment with the two different kinds to see which one they prefer. I’m more of a Sativa type of girl. I prefer that upper; I like that excitement-type feeling. At the same time, I know a lot of people who won’t even touch Sativa because it feels like it exacerbates their anxiety. Ultimately it really comes down to the strain because each strain is going to be so different. I do notice a difference between an Indica-dominant strain and a Sativa-dominant strain. I think there are more differences in the actual strain themselves and the differences that they have there. I would say Indica and Sativa are like a very broad generalization, and then you kind of work down from there, if that makes sense.

Kym: I’m not sure. Sorry. You say that one more time about the Indica.

Emily: So Indica is “in-da-couch” and generally tends to make people calm, tired, sedated, sleepy, and lots of pain relief. The Sativa’s more of the upper can exacerbate anxiety, but ultimately it’s kind of always a mix of both. It will depend more on the strain than anything. I use them as loose guidelines.

Kym: Okay.

Emily: Vegetarian and vegan can mean two different things depending on how specific the person wants to get into it. But it’s kind of like a loose guideline. From there, you can get down into the nitty gritty.

Kym: Right.

Emily: But it would experiment.

Kym: When you say a hybrid, explain it a little more to me.

Emily: Basically, if the plant had a Sativa mom and an Indica dad, it’s going to have properties from both in the hybrid.

Kym: Okay.

Emily: If that makes sense. From my understanding, because again, I’m not a growing expert by any means, but the way that cannabis breeders are able to breed different strains. They can put in some Indica here and some Sativa there and create specialized strains based on what people are looking for or they think that they need. It’s about experimenting and trying.

Emily: Say you try an Indica-dominant strain. Does that make you feel more tired, more sedated, more calm? And then also trying a Sativa-dominant strain and seeing does it make you more upper, does it make you have more energy? Now the answer is no. It could be a strain difference, too. You could always try different Sativa strains or different Indica strains. But again, it all comes back to basically what you said about experimenting, experimenting, experimenting, and trying different things because you never know how it’s actually going to make you feel until you try it.

Kym: You’re right, for sure. You really don’t know. And that’s the thing, right? When you’re trying something new here, you get used to something there, and then you’re coming over here and trying something new. Also, in Canada, even though it’s out there, you can go to the same store in a week or two, and they won’t have the same stuff. They’ll have a different stop. This is where you have to try stuff, too, because they don’t bring in the same stuff, or they can’t get it, so they’re bringing in something else. I do go to the Indian reserves a lot. Their prices are really cheap, and they’ve got the best stuff.

Emily: You might as well support them. I mean, more power to them. They deserve the right to get in the game too.

Kym: They have the best stuff because they carry stronger stuff than you can get elsewhere. Suppose you want a stronger one. So we tend to buy the strongest one. Then what we do is, we went up the 2000mg so that the next one would be three. What we do is they come in squares; they’re called Buddha; I don’t know if you’ve heard of them. What we do is we cut it into six pieces.

Emily: Perfect.

Kym: Because you get four pieces in it for $30.

Emily: Oh wow, wow.

Kym: Four pieces for $30, and there are 2000 milligrams within these four pieces. What we do is we take it and cut, so we’ve got extra. We just cut that into four or six. Like before, we were cutting into eight; then we went to six; I think we’re down to four. Something like that. So you can play with it. When you go to the reserve, I’m just saying if people are looking to save a little money because they can be very expensive.

Kym: I know them; I don’t see an Indian reserve here, but the stores can be fairly pricey for what they want. You get like six candies or something like that; it’s like $35 or $45 or whatever. It’s nuts when I know that I can get so much more in Canada for a cheaper price. But at the same time, people are looking a bit for cost. So if anyone lives here, Indian Reserve, they should go there.

Emily: That’s a great tip.

Kym: They’re very knowledgeable; they will help you. The people there clearly they’re knowledgeable. That’s their thing. The peace pipe came from them. Most of the people that work in the room really knowledgeable, though. And they even give you samples, and you get free joints every time you go in. I don’t smoke them, I give them to my friends, and she smokes them. But I’m like, okay, I’ll take it.

Emily: I know, what an incentive to come on in. I’m going over there.

Kym: And they’re friendly, and the price is right, and you can ask them any questions, and they know, and you can they’ll let you try stuff right there.

Emily: Nice, that’s awesome.

Kym: If you are looking for cost efficiency and a lot of knowledge, they do have it. It’s not like a lot of these places are hiring people in these cannabis stores. There are a lot of people that I know like their drugs and understand their drugs. But not all of them have the knowledge. Some of them are just hired, and you go in, and because we’ve been to enough of them to know, and you’re asking the questions, they don’t have a clue. They’re like, “Oh, well, no, but just try it, and you’ll see, well just try it.” Well yeah, I know, but I’m asking the question for, “Well, just a sec, I’m going to call my boss”. I’ve never ever run into that in any of the Indian reserves I’ve ever been to. They seem to know their stuff.

Emily: Such great advice because I feel like a lot of people either don’t know that they exist or are operating that way or are too nervous to go in. I’m so glad that you said that.

Kym: They shouldn’t be nervous about going in. These stores are amazing. You should see them. They’ve got every type of drink you can think of. They got these big fridges. We actually did some signage. We were also in the marketing business. So we did a lot of signage for some of them in OCA in Canada. We help set their store up and like the organization and the money. I mean, there are those dumpy ones along the side, too. But they’re just as smart. I’ve had to stop at those. They’re still as smart, and it’s informative and very nice. I’ve never had a problem with them not being nice.

Emily: I’m so glad.

Kym: They’re nice people, and it is a good tip if you are trying to save money. That’s a great tip. And you want to ask questions. They’re not shy about answering. I don’t feel as awkward as I do going into a regular store for some reason. They actually make you feel right at home.

Emily: That’s so nice.

Kym: That’s why I guess you want to try something here.

Emily: Absolutely.

Kym: They’re always pushing their new drinks. They have sample cups out, so you can try samples. It’s not bad.

Emily: It’s like an adult candy store; who wouldn’t want to go?

Kym: Yes, it is. That’s what it looks like when you go in too. It’s like, wow.

Emily: And now you’re like, oh my gosh. It’s so beautiful and exciting.

Kym: I know. The thing is, you want to try everything, right?

Emily: That’s the thing.

Kym: It’s so much here.

Emily: It’s just so exciting to see so many different options. Especially if, coming from an era where there was literally no store you could ever go to, and now you can get anything you want.

Kym: Yeah, exactly. And health-wise, it’s made a world of difference to me. The world of difference. I mean the fact that I’m not on any medications anymore. It’s just CBD before I go to bed and then my cream if I need it. I used it for a while on that spot that was always sore, but now I don’t even feel that sore anymore. You know what I mean? Slowly just, it has subsided, and then it’s like, “Oh my god, now I have all this extra cream that I don’t need, but I have it, just in case.” I bought it because it was working well, and I figured I’d have to keep using it. But over time, you don’t have to. It just subsides almost. It’s like this miracle drug or something.

Emily: I mean, really, if it can not only help you feel better but also like alleviate it without side effects, without any negative consequences, that’s a miracle.

Kym: Your doctors are such drug pushers, you know? And if they should be pushing anything, it should be natural remedies. Not all this other crap that they, they give to us that it’s actually hurting us more. I mean, you watch those commercials.

Emily: It’s insane

Kym: Oh my gosh, some of those side effects. But you could die tomorrow from all the things that it’s going to cause, you know?

Emily: It’s crazy. And they say it right in front of your face to you, and you still take it like… It’s so crazy to me because you feel you don’t have an option.

Kym: That’s the problem. People don’t think they have an option, and I’ve always been that person; I want to dig deeper. There’s got to be a better way. My daughter’s just like me. She’s a real natural. She’s digging deep to try to find stuff; I tell her about the stuff I try because I go a little further. I want to know. I want to try it. I’m just curious, so I want to try it. I’ll try everything at least once, and if that’ll tell, give you my answer. I’m not like shy to try something. I’ll say, well, “Okay, let’s give it a little try and see if it’s going to work or not.” I’ll know right away, if it’s going to be good for me or not. It’s not like I don’t know my body. I know my body very well.

Kym: I think, in general, most people know their bodies. I say if any drug within 10 days, it’s doing something to your body. You shouldn’t be on it, you know? Within 10 days, 7 to 10 days, if it’s working or if it’s not working or if it’s affecting you, your body. I don’t have to say anything because I’m off all my drugs. I know most of the time, it’s not like I’ve tried different things. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried all kinds of natural things, but they never worked for me the way this does, never. I mean, I’m just happy to share with everyone because it’s helped me and my husband so much.

Kym: Even my dad like being so old, and he’s been in pain for years, and now he goes, “I can’t believe it. I know I miss it, but it’s okay. I make sure I put it on.” I said, “Well, you got to make sure you got to rub it on.” He goes, “Well, I get my wife too,” I said stop being lazy and do it yourself. He goes, I wake up sometimes at 2:30; it’s worn off because she forgot to put it on me before I went to bed. I said, “Well, put it beside your bed and just rub a little on your arm.” He goes, “Well, she normally does it.” I said, “Dad, come on. You know you can do it. If you want to feel better, you’ll go back to sleep once the pain subsides, right?” Yeah, he’s funny. But he knows it’s helping him.

Kym: The fact that he even mentioned anything because my father, as I’ve gotten to know him, I remember when I was young, and he was the same kind of guy. He says he is not, but he is; he’s difficult to talk to. He’s very hardheaded, and getting him to change, and he’ll never tell you if something is good or working. He’s just that kind of guy. The fact he said something to me this Sunday; I said to him, “Has the cream been working, Dad? You really haven’t said a lot.” He went on and on and on, and I said, “Well, that’s so nice.” I said to his wife; I said, “I can’t believe he actually talked about it and went, oh my God, it is”. He goes, “Look, I’m walking tall again.” I’m like, it’s fabulous. He goes, “I put it on every morning, and every night he says it’s wonderful.” I said, “Oh, I’m glad to hear it.

Kym: When I said that to his wife, she goes, “Nope, I know I put it on him. And it helps him a lot.” I said, “He’s walking straight.” She said, “Yeah, he’s walking tall because he was always in pain. So he is hunched over, holding his arms all the time, but now he’s walking tall; he’s not in pain.” I’m telling you, anyone that’s in pain should be using a cream or for sleep; I really do think the CBD and THC work; CBD alone does not work. You need to have a little bit of THC in it for it actually to give you the full benefit. It took me a while to learn that it was an expensive lesson, but I did learn, but I did learn it.

Emily: I’m glad you mentioned it because it’s a good learning curve for people like you. You really need the THC to hit pain.

Kym: Which I didn’t know. I always thought someone told me CBD, so that’s what I was doing. Throwing things out, going, “Okay, there’s got to be something here, with this stuff”. So yeah, just a bit of THC in there’ll help.

Emily: A little THC’ll do you. Oh my gosh, well, this has been such a wonderful conversation. Before I move on, I ask all my guests the same four questions at the end, and you had already mentioned what your life might look like without cannabis, so I’m going to skip that one, but we’ll move on to the first one if you’re ready. And the first one is, what are you most proud of in your life to date?

Kym: What am I most proud of in my life to date? Well, of course, my children. You have to say that.

Emily: Yes, yes.

Kym: Both my children, and they’re amazing. So yeah, I would say my children.

Emily: That is so nice. And to have their support as you and your husband move along in this, that’s so special too.

Kym: I think if you talk to your kids from a young age and you never hide anything, I think that’s really important that you have good communication with your children. I was an early childhood educator for 23 years. I’ve done a lot of things stressful. I think it’s important. I always had good communication. I didn’t teach young children that, of course. But when I got together with the parents, we’d have good forums. How to talk to your kids about stuff and how to do it was, yeah. Kids, so your next question.

Emily: Kids, amazing. If you could go back 10, 20, or 30 years ago and give yourself one piece of cannabis advice, what would it be?

Kym: Oh my God, it would be doing what I’m doing now. I mean, ] if I would’ve had these gummies, the CBD with a little bit of THC, my life would’ve been very different at times. And think I was very nervous about trying it at first.

Emily: Yeah.

Kym: I think actually it would’ve chilled me out. Not be such a stressed-out mom. I wouldn’t have been so stressed. I ran a daycare, so I was busy all the time. It would’ve been nice to have a gummy before bed like I have now. Just to chill you out, because you’re mind, you’re overthinking when you’re younger, and you’re running a family. You need to chill. My oldest daughter right now is going through breast cancer.

Emily: Oh, I’m so sorry.

Kym: Yeah, I know. It’s horrible. But she’s got great spirits, and she’s going through; I got her on the gummies before I left. She was going in the summer; we went down to help her out. She wasn’t taking anything, so I said, you’re coming with me; we’re going to the Indian Reserve, and we’re going to fix you up. She came with us, and we talked with the people there, and we got some stuff and tried it. I’m telling you, her mindset, everything totally changed. She said, “Oh my God”. She goes, “I’m so glad that you guys got me to go”. Now she’s been back; I don’t know how many times over there.

Emily: Oh, good.

Kym: Sends me a text, “Oh, I tried some of this, or I tried this one’s good. They didn’t have the one from the last time.” But she said she couldn’t have it right after chemo, like for two days after chemo. But then, after that, she takes it, and it helps her sleep, it helps her get through, and it gives her a better mindset.

Emily: Yes.

Kym: I’m glad that we introduced it to her, and now she’s another one.

Emily: I know you. All the family members.

Kym: Just saying with her cancer and everything, it’s really been helping her mentally. She’s more chill and does not have as much anxiety.

Emily: That’s priceless going through something like that, too. What a gift for your mom to say, “I’ve got something to help you come with me.” I’m so glad that she had you for that. It must be hard enough to go through, and if there’s something that can help in any way, thank goodness she was introduced to that.

Kym: I think the same because I know I get so emotional with her. The fact that we left, we were there to help her at first. But then I said, we’re leaving now because that’s what we do. We helped her for six months, and when we were there, she wasn’t at the beginning of her treatment; we refixed her 140-year-old farmhouse. We went to help her renovate it.

Emily: Sweet.

Kym: We went to help renovate, build a chicken coop, do all that kind of stuff. During that, we knew that she was starting her chemo and everything. So she started her chemo two weeks before we left. We made sure that she knew the right gummies and everything to buy. That’s why we took her in the summer to the res. I said, “You come with me; we’re going to make sure you’re okay.” So even though she had some of the stuff, it gave her the opportunity; now that she’s gone back, she understood it before. Now she’s in full fledge of the chemo and everything. But she knew enough to go back and see them and ask them other questions for something a bit stronger and whatnot because the good of what she was going through. I mean, it’s helped so.

Emily: Good, I’m so glad, like I said, even just a little bit of relief. I mean, everybody deserves that, and I’m so glad that she got that.

Kym: Well, for sure.

Emily: You know her mom to help her out.

Kym: Well yeah, her mom and her dad. Her dad.

Emily: Yes, her mom and her dad. Oh my gosh, you literally are taking family member after family member and just making such a difference. I feel like that’s what so many of us in cannabis do. We have just been so open to the fact that there is just a different way of life that is so beautiful and wonderful that we like to have to share it with other people. That’s why I’m so glad that you came here and did this podcast with me. Hopefully, these words will echo their way out into the world and get people to realize, “Wow. I could feel as good as Kym and her dad and her husband and everybody else”.

Kym: And her kids.

Emily: In your family. Yes. Absolutely.

Kym: I think that it’s important that people at least give it a try if they aren’t doing well. The benefits of it are really greater than the benefits of the drugs. There are no side effects. Like there are any actual pills that they’re giving you that you have every disease after you took those drugs.

Emily: No.

Kym: So I mean, it’s just a healthier choice, and it’s just teaching people that it’s a healthier choice for them. If they can get themselves off that medication, what would you do to get yourself off medication? Like seriously, would you rather be happy and have one of these before you go to bed, and it actually continues to work the next day because you don’t have the joint pain and everything like you would normally have? We don’t have it. Like, because, as I said, with the cream, once your body gets used to having something, you don’t need as much of it.

Emily: Yes.

Kym: Yes, I do want more of it, but you know what I mean.

Emily: Yeah, absolutely.

Kym: It’s almost like it’s programmed in your body, you have it, but I mean, it’s continued to keep satisfying you that the fact that even if I forgot it, say I went somewhere, and I forgot my gummies. I try not to, but if I went somewhere like for the night, that is what I’m saying.

Emily: Yeah.

Kym: And I forgot it. I still don’t have a terrible time falling asleep. I will wake up maybe one or two, but I’d still be okay to sleep.

Emily: Yeah.

Kym: As I said, it’s not just for the sleep; it’s your joint pain. It’s helping everything. And you don’t realize that, but when you’re sleeping, your body is actually healing itself. When you have this, I think it’s just energizing your body, and it’s healing you. We wake up in the morning; we used to be able to barely; our knees were so bad getting out of bed from jumping up and down off tractors, and our ankles, a lot of people have swelling of the ankles and stuff. The swelling’s gone. I walk normally, my knees, and I jump out of bed. I feel like I’m still young and was going through a lot of stuff. I went through a lot of trauma. My body went through a lot of trauma, and it helped recover my body. So that’s huge okay? Really huge.

Kym: And to share that with people and tell them, you know what? Just try it and see, find the right dose, and I’m telling you, and start by just taking half. And if you found that, oh, didn’t do too much, okay. Maybe tomorrow night, you’re going to have the other half or another quarter instead of another half. Just practice and then figure out the right dose that’s going to help you. If you have it on a regular basis, I’m telling you it’s healing. It’s really healing. It just, I know I can go on. I’m sorry.

Emily: No, but I mean, you get so excited about it, and I guess that will fit perfectly into our last question what do you want to be remembered for in the cannabis space?

Kym: I think just opening up again, I’m going to get back to the aging population because I really do think older people need to have their eyes opened up a little bit to realize that it is safe. It’s not not safe; it’s a safe thing. You can rub it into your body if you don’t want to eat it. But I’m telling you, it’s going to work for you. But don’t be afraid to try it. Try small amounts and work it with the cream. Well, the stronger, the better for me.

Emily: Really yeah, yeah. Totally.

Kym: But I mean it works like nothing else. I mean, I can’t even describe how well it works. I mean, and I know a lot of people make it themselves. I don’t know how to make it. I’d love to learn how to make it.

Emily: I can help you with that.

Kym: Oh yeah? Okay. I would love to learn how to make it. My husband’s always saying learn how to make it. I go; I don’t know the first thing how to make it. But he says, well, we should learn how to make it. I said, yeah, and then I’d want to give it to everybody.

Emily: Yes. That’s the thing. It’s like, try.

Kym: Little, little bottles. They’d be having little sample bottles.

Emily: Yes.

Kym: Here, try, you know? I think just helping people, the elderly, with their pain to realize that you don’t need medications like you think you do, you don’t. I’m right off of it; as I said, I was on six different pills, and I’m not on anything. If it’s helped me that much, and I was on some of those pills for years with my fibromyalgia and all the different things that I have. I don’t need anything. I’m in good shape. I exercise and dance every day. It just changed my life. It just changed my life and all for the better.

Emily: I’m so happy that you took the time you share that. I know your family has benefited from the plant, I’m so proud that you decided to give it a try and see what happens. As you said, give it a try, and you’ve done it the right way, and now you’re helping so many other people. Kym, I am like so glad that our paths crossed, and I am really excited for people to hear this episode. I hope that they listened to your amazing story and your family’s story and really think, “Wow, I want to be just like Kym.”

Kym: Well, no one has to be just like me. They have to be like them and find the right thing for them. That’s the thing if you can encourage that. I love that you’re doing this; you’re amazing. I love your site, of course. I get your emails, and the thing is, just helping people, giving them that knowledge that you have been, that’s amazing in itself, too. I think there’s not a lot of people like you out there.

Emily: Oh, thank you.

Kym: I think that’s a really big accomplishment for you. I think that just the information you give it’s just so helpful. You have a lot of stuff to read, which can be overwhelming, but at the same time, very informative. You take a little bit by stride, and then you wait for a little on it and take a little by stride.

Emily: Yes, absolutely.

Kym: It’s great because you do have something for everyone on your site. You do; you’re very flexible; I love that about it.

Emily: Thank you.

Kym: So it’s great. Kudos to you for doing it without being scared.

Emily: Thank you. I definitely was scared when I started, and it gets easier every day. As we have these conversations, and I continue to have these conversations, it gets easier and easier. Hopefully, when people listen to these conversations, it’s easier for them to have conversations in their own families, their own households. Hopefully, it’s just a big ripple effect. That’s my goal anyway at the end of this.

Kym: That would be something to be very proud of because that’s all we want is for people to be healthy, you know? I think that in a world where there are so many things wrong and there are so many health problems. It’s like, let’s face it, it’s these big pharma companies that are pushing their drugs on people that people don’t need. They do not need half the stuff they’re taking. They’re killing people because they’re like the doctors who did it to me, prescribing me stuff that I should not have had. It’s my pharmacist, thank God, that had caught it, and it was a good wake-up call. The fact that the other doctor didn’t even look to see what other medications I was taking with them was beyond comprehensible at the time.

Emily: Oh gosh. Even now still, I mean, it’s heartbreaking

Kym: They’re doing it all the time.

Emily: I was going to say it’s so sad that your story is not uncommon. I think that what makes me the saddest about it is so many people have been betrayed by our current medical system in one way or another, and just story after story. Thank God. I think that’s what brings people to cannabis. Finally, big pharma pushes them so far that they’re okay. It’s just sad that their story after story is like yours. I hope anyone listening who’s experienced some form of mistreatment from conventional medicine can trust themselves a little bit to jump into cannabis and kind of take it into their own hands.

Kym: And anyone that has fibromyalgia, speaking of fibromyalgia, I wanted to say it works very well for them.

Emily: It’s one of the best for fibromyalgia.

Kym: I have like the nerve pain and whatever. When you’re using it on a regular basis, it’s almost like your joints start working by themselves again. You know what I mean?

Emily: Yeah.

Kym: It’s lubricating or something. It’s not, but I mean, it is in some way because, yeah, when I first started taking it, I still was taking my other medication until I felt to get off of it, and then I got off of it. I’m saying, “Hey, this is cool. I don’t need it anymore.” All the money I’m saving, not to mention all the stuff that’s going in my body that I don’t have to worry about anymore. I have a gummy a day. Well worth it, right?

Emily: A gummy a day. That’s all it takes. And you and your husband are living proof that that’s all it takes. You’re living your best life. You’re out on the road. You’ve got amazing children. I’m just so happy for you, Kym.

Kym: Yeah, thank you. And yeah, it’s pretty good.

Emily: I’m so glad. I mean, that’s how life should be. People should be happy to say life is good. And for a lot of people, it’s hard to say that. Thank you so much for coming out here and saying that. I really appreciate it. I have a feeling everyone is going to love listening to this episode.

Kym: I hope so.

Emily: So sweet. Thank you so much.

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